Case Of Beer Enough For Man To Get Off Of Bridge


When someone decides that there’s nothing else to live for, then that person might think that ending his or her own life is the best option. When two beer deliverymen traveled across the bridge on Interstate 94 while working in St. Paul, they didn’t expect to save a man’s life. The men were making their deliveries on a Wednesday morning and dropped a beer order off at a sports bar in the area before traveling across the bridge. Jason Gaebel was driving the truck that morning and made the decision to go a different route, not knowing who they would see only a short time later.

The bridge that the men crossed over had a busy road underneath. They soon saw a man standing along the side of the bridge and looking over to the road. Jason noticed that the man was standing on the side of the fence that was closest to the road and realized that the man could have been preparing to jump off the bridge. Jason pulled the beer truck over to the side of the road to try to talk to the man. While Jason talked to the man, Kwame Anderson, the other man in the beer truck, called for emergency assistance.

Even though the dispatcher suggested that the men wait until emergency officials arrived at the scene to do anything, the men knew that they couldn’t let the man jump off the bridge. They tried to talk to the man about who he was, where he was from, and simple conversations to keep him occupied so that he wouldn’t think about jumping. Officers soon arrived and closed off the road. Kwame asked about the man’s family and found out he was from Chicago. He then asked the man if he wanted to drink with him, so Kwame got a case of beer so that the men could drink together. Kwame offered the man the entire case if he wouldn’t jump. He was then taken to a hospital where he could get the help that he needed because two men pulled over to help.


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