The Business Of Conducting Executive Level Background Checks

performing executive background checks

The process of conducting a background check on a typical worker is both well-known and appreciated. Most of us can understand the value behind screening someone that we want to have handling our money or taking care of our customers. However, the idea that we must do background checks on someone who is going to be serving at the executive level is something that not everyone has thought of. Executive level background checks may be the only way to prevent major issues from occurring at the highest level of any business. It is important to prepare for this and to conduct a background check in order to avoid such a scenario.


The Halo Effect


We have a strange tendency to think of executives as being individuals who are almost without flaws. We often think that they would have to have gotten over so many of the hurdles that everyday workers may struggle with in order to have reached the heights that they have. However, that is a giant leap of faith for us to make. The truth is that those on the executive level of business can also have some of the same issues that those at lower levels also have.


Instead of presuming that someone that you hire for a higher position is going to serve in their role without any flaws, it is best to just screen everyone and make sure that you are not about to run into any issues in that area. It is really the only way that you can be absolutely certain that there are no problems.


People Sometimes Lie On A Resume


It is amazing the number of people that will lie on a resume just to get a job. This plays back into the halo effect that was discussed above. We are on the lookout for people to lie about things on their resume for lower level jobs, but we do not expect the same for our executive positions. There is really no reason for us to have this kind of assumption built into our thinking.


The fact of the matter is, even high profile individuals are sometimes caught lying in order to work where they currently do. reported that this was the case for Notre Dame head football coach George O’Leary before he was found out. He had claimed to have been a star football player himself back in the day and to have a Master’s Degree. The reality was that he had never actually played football in an organized fashion, and he had no college degree at all. It must have been highly embarrassing for the university to have found all of this out only after they had already hired the man and had him coaching their team.

A Company You Can Hire For Help


Conducting background checks on executives means a dive deeper into their personal and professional lives. You will probably have to scratch through more surface so to speak than you might with someone who is just being hired for a lower level job. You will want to have a professional company that works on this kind of thing there to help you when you need their help.


Corporate Resolutions is the kind of company that you turn to for this kind of help. What they do is help screen all individuals who may be hired for corporate level jobs or even to work on projects that require that corporate level of scrutiny. In other words, anyone who requires a little more than just the typical background screen ought to go through them.


You cannot fly by the seat of your pants when hiring people who are going to hold so much responsibility in their hands. You are taking a major risk if you do exactly that. Instead, focus on getting them screened as best as you can so as to avoid the risk that many other companies take on by not doing this. There is nothing worse than hiring someone at the highest levels only to find out that you have been duped and are now having to backtrack to try to save your image and any projects that they had been working on.


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