Former Girlfriend Gives Information About Murderer


For many people, using a dating app is a way to meet new people. A man in New York City is suspected of murder, and there is a woman who used to date the man who is now speaking out. The suspect is 27 years old and uses dating apps to meet women. Instead of taking them out on a date or talking to them on the phone, he meets them and either harms them or kills the women. Zynea Barney thought that the man she met was a gentleman at first. That impression quickly changed when she discovered just how cruel he could be to her and the other people in his life.

Unfortunately, Zynea was attacked about six months after she started dating the man. Danueal Drayton appealed to her while she was on a dating app and started messaging her about a day after they interacted on the matchmaking site. The young woman wasn’t seeking a long-term relationship. Instead, she only wanted someone to talk to or spend time with on occasion. After a few days, she replied to the messages that Danueal was sending to her. Soon, the couple sent text messages every day and talked on the phone until late in the night.

Zynea knew that the man was different because he wanted to know about her life instead of seeing pictures of her. She saw that he carried himself in a positive manner. They spent almost every day together as they enjoyed meals with each other and went to see movies. Zynea noticed that a girl named Cherry called him on his phone one day. She asked Danueal about the girl, and when he denied any involvement, she ordered him to pull over the car that they were in together. One of the final incidents with the couple involved the young man strangling Zynea. He also suggested that he would kill her. Officers examined Zynea’s neck and saw that it was swollen. Danueal was arrested on July 24 and faces numerous charges, including murder and assault.


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