Former WWE Star Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs Talks About Becoming Knox County Mayor on ‘Fox & Friends’


As of late Thursday night, professional wrestling star Glenn “Kane” Jacobs had officially been announced as the new mayor-elect for Knox County, Tennessee. Jacobs spent months on the campaign trail, while also fulfilling appearances at WWE events here or there over the past year or so. After he had at least a day for the victory to settle in, he was a guest on “Fox & Friends” this past Saturday to discuss why he ran for office.

According to The Daily Caller, Jacobs told Fox’s Abby Huntsman and her co-host that he realized “the impact bit government has on people’s lives” and how it can be “destructive.” Jacobs admitted that as he became older he realized, “I could do something about that.” He now has a chance to as the mayor-elect.

He said his interest in politics started from an early age. Jacobs recalled participating in a mock debate back in high school involving Ronald Reagan versus Walter Mondale. Jacbos said he had the part of Mondale, which was probably the last time he was a Democrat. He said the United States is full of opportunity thanks to the “free enterprise system and we forget that.”

The former wrestling star also admitted he was shocked that people thought he was a long shot and couldn’t win this election. He defeated candidate Linda Haney by 32 percentage points in this past week’s mayor race in Knox County. He’ll officially take office as of September 1, succeeding Tim Burchett.

Jacobs has appeared within the WWE (formerly known as WWF) for his entire professional wrestling career. He enjoyed a brief stint as “Dr. Isaac Yankem,” a demented dentist who feuded with fellow wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart at one point. However, he’d transition into one of WWE’s most menacing and popular gimmick characters over the years, a villain named “Kane.” Also nicknamed “The Devil’s Favorite Demon,” he was linked to another popular WWE star, The Undertaker, as his brother.

The two would fight one another, team up, and repeat the cycle over the years. Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, even appeared at an event in support of Jacobs’ run for the mayor job. One has to wonder if the WWE star power of Jacobs’ name helped him with the win in some capacity.

Jacobs now joins several other former wrestling stars who were also elected to office. Wrestler and commentator Jesse “The Body” Ventura was among the first. He won the Minnesota Governor’s race in 1998 as a member of the Reform Party. Donald Trump, although never an actual wrestler, participated in numerous WWE events or stories ahead of his eventual election as president. Both Ventura and President Trump have been entered in WWE’s Hall of Fame, with Jacobs guaranteed to take a spot in the coming years.

During the “Fox & Friends” segment, Jacobs referenced his time with WWE allowing him to travel all over the place without being tied down to “one geographical area.” However, he said he fell in love with Knox County and his wife there. He said he now wants to “make our area the best place it can be.”


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