Kid Rock Welcomes New Production Manager, Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson Joins Kid Rock Tour as Production Manager

Kid Rock’s first tour in early 2018, “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour,” turned out to be a smashing success. So of course, it was no surprise that he decided to amend that tour, setting up the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” for the summer and autumn of 2018. Kicking off earlier this month and starting on the east coast, the tour will be hitting plenty of stops across the United States and running through the fall into November. Opening acts Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker Jr. will be making the show even more of a must-see for the fans, but the behind-the-scenes addition of new Production Manager Clayton Hutson is what’s really going kick this show’s presentation into high gear.

Kid Rock – The Quintessential Summer Fun Band

On a hot summer’s day with a refreshing beverage in hand, there isn’t a much better soundtrack than Kid Rock. The artist has steadily built his reputation for being a fun summertime band, and both his newest album “Sweet Southern Sugar” and his second 2018 tour are continuing to feed and build that image.

Connecting with his fans in outdoor amphitheaters and at a smattering of the typically rowdy festivals, Kid Rock will be performing new hits such as “Po-Dunk” and the first tour’s namesake “American Rock N’ Roll”, creating for this tour the sort of laid back, casual fun that many innately connect with summertime. In addition, the fans are already talking about show itself – visually stunning and filled with party songs, as if Kid Rock himself is delivering his own brand of festivities straight to the audience via the microphone.

But all the success of an amazing show isn’t necessarily on stage to be seen by the fans; to have a great show, there must also be a great team behind the scenes to build one. The production crew is the backbone of any tour, tirelessly working long hours and leaving their homes for extended periods to commit to the road and to create the ultimate experience for concert-goers. At the forefront of the backbone, overseeing all production aspects of any tour, is the Production Manager, a role that will be filled on this tour by Clayton Hutson.

Clayton Hutson’s Second Run with Kid Rock Crew

On Kid Rock’s “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” earlier this year, Clayton Hutson was brought on board as the Stage Manager for the tour. As Stage Manager, Clayton had almost as many moving pieces to keep his eye on daily as the Production Manager, albeit simply in the more precise world of the stage itself. Still, it’s a role that kept him busy from the first chalk in the morning until the last truck was packed up at the end of the night.

However, after going above and beyond the call of duty to support the early 2018 tour and stepping in to help out with some difficulties the tour encountered early on, Clayton was asked to return for the second 2018 tour as the Production Manager. Although generally considered a more strenuous position than his previous one, it was a position he graciously accepted. Relying on his extensive previous experience in live event management, Clayton had no reservations about accepting the position and looked forward to working with the Kid Rock crew again, a crew he already feels incredibly proud to be a part of and can’t say enough good things about.

Clayton’s role as Production Manager is certainly no joke – it’s a demanding positon, one that puts him in charge of coordinating all aspects of the show’s production and logistics, as well as dealing with other high-level management and the big picture that can sometimes be incredibly taxing. It also requires him to look into the future and see any possible obstacles the tour may face, effectively putting out any proverbial fires before they get started.

Early Challenges and A New Direction in Management

The 2018 tour season didn’t necessarily start off smoothly for Kid Rock, who’s well-known for being an outspoken individual, both in terms of his music and his personal life. Over the years the artist has always been outspoken in his public statements, some of which have occasionally thrown a small wrench into things.

When asked about these contributions in helping the tour achieve success, Clayton credited his extensive years of management experience, both stage and production, as his primary counsel in finding solid solutions. His instrumental role in supporting the earlier tour this year is a good guess as the driving force behind his invitation to production manage the subsequent summer/fall tour, and so far it would seem the invitation has paid off for the tour. Beyond some of the regular minor hiccups in any tour’s inception, everything has gone very well, a trend Clayton hopes to continue.

About Clayton HutsonClayton Hutson photo

Clayton Hutson has either been actively involved in the music industry or been pursuing it for as long as he can remember. An aspiration he’s followed since he was very young, Clayton still feels lucky to have landed his dream job and enjoys every second that he’s able to dedicate to an industry he’s passionate about. Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, today’s hotspot for the music industry, Clayton dedicates his daily life to staying engaged in the ever-changing world of live events. He also commits a great deal of his time (when he has it) and energy to growing his own passion for events – which has more specifically extended into production design over the years – through the rise of his own events production company Ronin Event Creative. Despite immensely busy days spent on tour, including both show days and the days off given to advancing future shows, Clayton works hard to ensure he still has enough time to devote to the growth of his own business. His many years of experience in all aspects of show production, from sound engineering to logistics and management, have given him not only a solid foundation upon which to build his business, but a real talent for doing so. At present his production company is already thriving simply on Clayton’s exceptional understanding of the world of live events and his extensive network of positive relationships formed over his years in the industry.

Approaching three decades in the entertainment business, Clayton continues to feel that the outlook he can bring to any live event is an exceedingly rare and important one, thanks to his unique experiences in the industry. He still enjoys taking on the challenge of any show from a variety of positions, whether they’re from the position of a stage rigger or at the highest levels of management. As it has always been for him, it all boils down to his passion for his work and the pride he takes in the end result: A spectacle of music and show that create delight and generate an experience which will forever remain in the audiences’ hearts and memories.

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