Manafort Pardon Not Appropriate According To New Polling


The American people have spoken, and they do not believe that a pardon of Paul Manafort would be an appropriate decision for the President to make. As a matter of fact, a full six in ten Americans oppose the idea of having the President pardon his former campaign manager for the tax fraud and evasion charges (along with campaign finance violations) that he has been found guilty of thus far.

Politico reports another interesting tidbit from this poll is that just eleven percent of poll respondents believe that a pardon would be the right thing for the President to do. The remaining percentage of no opinion or declined to give an answer. In a time when our politics is as divided as it already is, it is amazing that there is this much agreement on a simple polling question. Many polls shows that people flee to their partisan corners when surveyed on a political question, but not this time.

Many people have the urge to want to say that it is just not right for the President to try to release the legal punishments of someone who so blatantly violated the law, particularly when that person has had such a close tie to the President himself. Why would President Trump consider doing this in the first place? Well, he may feel that Manafort has damaging information on him that could threaten his Presidency and perhaps even land him in some legal trouble as well. It is definitely something that people are discussing as a possible reason why the President may be acting the way that he has been acting. If that is the case, then the American people are definitely against it. They do not want to see someone get away with something like this simply because they happen to have just the right political ties to this administration. That just feels wrong to so many people.

There is still no official word yet from the President as to if he will actually pardon Manafort or not. All that we do know is that he has been saying that he believes that Manafort was treated unfairly and that he does not deserve the treatment that he has received from the jury that convicted him. All of that being said, it could be a political disaster for the President to actually go ahead and pardon the former campaign manager. We will just have to wait to see what he does.


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