The Passing on of John Mccain


John McCain, senator of Arizona in the United States, succumbed to cancer at the age of 81. He is considered a hero of the Republic who served his nation for 60 years as a congressman. Condolences came from all over the world from top dignitaries. For former US Senator and presidential candidate’s honor, the United States flag was lowered to half-staff. The former U.S President Barrack Obama described McCain as a political rival but a close friend. He added that they together fought for a better nation and to serve and advance its citizens globally. He died in the presence of his family members at his ranch in Sedona, Arizona.

His wife Cindy McCain described her husband, who she has lived together with for 38 years as someone amazing and loving who passed on in the presence of the people he truly valued. Her daughter Megan McCain, ABC’s The View co-host also eulogized the dad as loving, caring and of a broad sense of humor. Donald Trump in a tweet offered his deepest condolences and respect to the family. The two did not share quite a good rapport among themselves whereby despite McCain’s illness, Trump questioned the senator’s heroism in Vietnam and 2017 vote against his effort to repeal essential sections of the ObamaCare act.

A man of crucial conviction and a public servant are some of the words that the former President George. W. Bush used to describe Senator McCain who he defeated in 2000 in a fierce Republican contest. He later backed him in 2008. However, his unpopularity and shadow of Iraq hampered his chances in the race. Sarah Palin, McCain’s choice as running mate and former Alaska governor, had quite some long-term effects in the leadership role of the late statesman. She described him as a fighter who was never afraid of speaking the truth. Joe Biden also eulogized him and said that the world would miss him. Hillary Clinton described him as a tough politician and a trusted colleague. Former president Bill Clinton praised him for his belief in the freedom given by the constitution and said there is no other like him.

Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter also spoke big of the great man together with the house speaker, senators Linsey Graham, Chris Murphy, Ben Sasse and Mitch McConnel. Arizona’s senator posted that they may never see another statesman like John McCain. However, McCain’s reflection of the US is what they need now.


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