Reports Have It That an Abandoned School in Natomas Won’t Be Completed Anytime Soon.


On Tuesday night, the board of Twin Rivers Unified School voted and later dashed the hopes of the area residents who wished that the partially constructed school in their neighborhood could be finished and then opened. The residents in Northwest Natomas reported that the school had been abandoned for an extended period. The East Natomas project was expected to serve over 3,000 middle and high school students. The high schoolers would be hosted near the Regency Park neighborhood that is off Elkhorn Boulevard. The deputy superintendent, Bill McGuire, asked if the funds were available. Bill argued that the district had consistently been mobile to more k-8 outlines at elementary schools.

Bill said that it wasn’t going to transpire anytime soon. The school board voted and came to a final decision not to approve the general obligation bonds that totaled $252 million. The money was meant to upgrade the district’s ageing schools and also to finish the ENEC project that had been started. The funds were also meant to build a new k-8 institution for the Green Briar community that is located in Northwest Natomas. One of the board member, Basim Elkarra, who is among the four trustees that voted against pushing the amenities bond on the ballot, noted that the language in the resolves was too unclear. According to the resolve for the high school bond, urgencies included constructing the current structures and a playing ground at the ENEC institution. The resolutions also included other indefinite safety and security actions and enhancements.

Elkarra said that those were among the issues that drowned the resolution. There were no ready guarantees to build it out. Elkarra argued that he never wanted them to go back to the old days where people could sit down, make promises and fail to fulfill them. Carlene DeMarco, the president of Terrace Park Neighborhood Association, had been reported to be lobbying for the accomplishment of the institution. Carlene agreed with Elkarra and was on the same page with that the trustees that voted against the bonds. Carleen said that this time, they wanted to hear nothing but a language stating that they will complete the institution. She noted that students were being taken to Norwood and Rio Linda, while the high school was sitting there in an incomplete status. Carleen said that the taxpayers were paying funds for building such structures that are meant to benefit the students living in the area.


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