An Energetic Entrepreneur and a Calming Presence: The Unique Outlook of Dr. Vijay Eswaran


Dr. Vijay Eswaran, a brilliant author and entrepreneur, has always brought an international perspective to his work. He grew up in Malaysia. He went to college in England and the U.S. And he’s lived in Australia and Canada, among other countries.

Vijay also derived insight about the workaday world from positions he held as a young man. To name two of them, he worked at a gas station and drove a cab.

These experiences blended together in Vijay’s mind. To this day, he uses the philosophies he’s gleaned from monks, engineers, farmers, professors, and others to guide him to greatness.

Vijay Eswaran: a Career on the Move

Vijay was born in 1960, and when he was a child, his family often moved.

He received his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics and his MBA from Southern Illinois University.

During the year or so following his graduation from the University of London, Vijay hitchhiked and rode the rails from London to Athens. He then traveled to Assisi, Italy, where he stayed at a monastery. Throughout his time in Europe, he found odd jobs, including work as a farmhand.

Going to America

At the age of 28, Vijay moved to the U.S. While he was in America, he spent seven years working as an IBM engineer. Vijay’s time at IBM was invaluable to him. At that organization, he learned a great deal about online commerce, which was then a new phenomenon. He believed in the power of internet sales at an early stage, and he wanted to create a company that would become a major player in this area.

vijay eswaran
Dr. Vijay Eswaran

In the U.S., Vijay learned to be a little more vocal and outgoing, which has surely helped him as a business leader. Not surprisingly, America also instilled in him a deep and lasting appreciation for free-market capitalism.

In 1998, Vijay established QI Group, a Hong Kong-based company with offices in Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, and other cities in Southeast Asia. It’s involved in a number of industries, including telecommunications, medicine, and education. It also sells products online, and it invests in other companies around the world.

Today, Vijay wishes that he’d founded this brand a little earlier in his life, perhaps five years earlier. Nevertheless, QI Group represents the culmination of the entrepreneurial desires that had nagged at Vijay for a long time.

More Than a Business

Vijay’s interests extend far beyond his corporate leadership, and that’s clear from his Instagram page. For one thing, he’s donated a great deal of his fortune to worthy charities. In 2011, the publication Forbes Asia even named him a “Hero of Philanthropy.”

Vijay is a sought-after motivational speaker as well, someone who travels the globe to address diverse audiences and explain his business and personal principles.

He has also written a series of nonfiction books. One of them explores the importance of mindfulness, and another shares photographs that he’s taken over the years. In addition, he’s authored a book about how people can skillfully manage their careers and relationships.

A Levelheaded Lifestyle

Vijay relies on a variety of tools and practices to remain healthy physically and mentally. For example, he’s a vegetarian. Moreover, he stays silent for at least one hour every day; he’s silent for three hours some days. While he doesn’t really meditate during those quiet times, he does believe that daily periods of silence, reflection, and stillness allow him to maintain control of every aspect of his life.

In a similar vein, Vijay believes that mindfulness necessitates an economy of words. As he explains it, when most people speak, they tend to inundate others with information. They’re constantly releasing long streams of sentences. However, when you reduce the number of words you say by about 90 percent, you can get across the info that you really want to convey. On top of that, you can nurture a sense of harmony within yourself and within your interpersonal relationships.

Two of Vijay’s idols, in fact, are known for their incredible actions even more than their stirring words: Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. By the way, Vijay once came close to meeting President Mandela, in the sense that he was near him when the two attended the same World Cup game. Vijay did get the chance one day to converse with Mac Maharaj, Nelson Mandela’s cellmate for approximately two decades. He met Maharaj after a business event in Portugal.

Above all, Vijay subscribes to two ideas. One is that you never have to work if you love your work. The second is that you must live in the moment instead of being obsessed with yesterday or tomorrow. Now, you’ve probably heard those sentiments before. But Dr. Vijay Eswaran is living proof that they can take a person to the heights of professional and personal success.


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