First “Dark Phoenix” Trailer Debuts


The first trailer for Fox’s “Dark Phoenix,” the next “X-Men” film, debuted during “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” In the trailer, fans may note that the Jean Grey depicted in this film greatly contrasts with previous iterations; this Jean seems to be controlled by her daunting abilities as a telekinetic, rather than be the one in control. This new film will likely serve to show legitimate reasons why Jean may be furious with the state of a world run by anti-mutant sentiment.

Shots from the trailer show that James McAvoy’s Professor Charles Xavier installed psychic suppressors to limit Jean’s recollection of her childhood. Specifically, Xavier blocked out her memory of inadvertently killing her parents, John and Elaine, by telekinetically manipulating the family car. The footage also shows Xavier explaining himself to Mystique. Mystique responds by saying that there is another word she would use to protect Jean “from the truth.”

Regardless of the of his reasons, everyone other than Xavier believes that Xavier is the reason why Jean embraces her catastrophic dark side as the Dark Phoenix. One voice-over, given by Magneto comments on how Jean has become consumed with rage and pain and looks to unleash it upon everyone else, exemplified by directing an operational helicopter to use its whirring blades to slice up some soldiers. Magneto then lambasts Xavier for his eagerness to always have an apology followed by a speech.

While the trailer gives no insight as to whether or not Jean will have a chance to explain her reasons in-depth, she does own up to the perceived fear others have surrounding her, admitting that its a sane thing to do, right as she uses her powers to kill a friend. Long-time fans of the franchise will recall her similar attempts at killing Wolverine during the events of “X3: The Last Stand.”

Dark Phoenix is set for a Valentine’s Day release in 2019, likely in the hopes that Fox will make a hefty profit like its efforts releasing “Deadpool” around that time.

In the comic book source material, the Dark Phoenix was an warped manifestation of the “Phoenix Force.” After Jean gained the cosmic ability of such a powerful entity, the Phoenix Force found itself enamored with the ability to inhabit a physical body, to the detriment of its host’s morality. The Dark Phoenix saga concluded with Xavier intervening, manipulating Jean’s mind to weaken her.


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