Being Homeless Has Disadvantages For Students


When many high school students hear that they have been accepted to a college that they want to attend, they are overjoyed. They know that they have the possibility of a future. When the student can possibly play sports for the college, then it could mean more scholarships and more opportunities after college. Unfortunately, Jamal Speaks isn’t able to fulfill his dream of playing football for Temple University because he’s homeless.

Jamal has already been offered a position on the school’s football team. However, the school has determined that he’s ineligible to play for the school. The reason behind why he can’t play is because he doesn’t have a permanent home. The school system is unable to verify the address that he listed on his application. A few years ago, Jamal came across the same situation when he didn’t have an address to give to his school. The school system listened to the requests that Jamal made and examined his grades, determining that he could play after all since he showed that he was truly homeless.

This time, the school district for the college isn’t following the same regulations as the high school. The college needs a permanent address of some kind in order to send information and to send details about scholarships and other details for athletes. Jamal’s father is not alive, and Jamal doesn’t have a healthy relationship with his mother. There are very few people he can live with. One of the members of the city council is trying to get Jamal into the school because it could be a positive step for him. It could mean that he has a future where he might not have one if he were left to fend for himself without being in college. Jamal isn’t sure where to go from here because he isn’t allowed to even practice with the team until he has an address that he can prove.


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