Reality Draws near on the Big Question is EU is Prepared for the Brexit Deal?


The Irish border saga remains on the headline as Theresa May hopes the deadlocks will inspire other European nations to develop an interest to strike a compromise deal. However, the short time left may turn as a disappointment to the anticipated settlement. On the other hand, the chancellor to Austria provided Theresa with the impression of possibility in the paid visit. Kruz, the chancellor, gave May a warm welcome by spreading the red carpet besides taking her to the music festival organized in Salzburg. What’s more, the host also planned a meeting with European front runners about the Brexit subject since the leaders would meet in the city this week. Nonetheless, reports according to Donald Tusk are that the plans did not succeed.

The trend of the previous summit is expected again in Theresa’s meeting with the EU. The prime minister is likely to make a precise speech to a muffled retort before the serious conversation takes place on the following day. Conversely, the discussion will get conducted in the absence of Theresa. Withdrawal agreements are yet to materialize with the biggest stumbling block being the Irish border subject. The present proposal for MPs, DUPs and Theresa May are quite unbearable to accept. However, even though the EU is ready to improve their offer, Brexit is not prepared or willing. Inline, the negotiator of Brexit showed the push of having a border in the Irish Sea. Leo Vardakar commented that as the situation appears, they are preparing to have border checks by the year 2021.

Monsieur Barnier points out that he is willing to dialog about the border checks of goods, but a different sign is seen from the UK side that stick with their decision. However, May says that such moves are not tolerable while the DUPs have demonstrated lack of belief. According to Nigel Dodds, the internal boundaries become essential in case the United Kingdom wants to separate the Northern Ireland from Great Britain. Different from the United Kingdom, the suggested improvements will mean changing the administration of Northern Ireland. However, not only the unionist objects such proposal even May is to it.

Nevertheless, European leaders show less or even no concern to answer the interests of the unionists. The President to the European Council has asked its state members to reconfirm their stand as far as the backstop is concerned. Even so, the letter he made show no suggestion of allowing for compromises. EU nations are mocking that the United Kingdom will have the darkest period before they adapt to their demands and position.


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