Russia is behind the illness of US diplomat in Cuba and China.


Russia is the main suspect behind the mysterious illness of the Cuba and China. The diplomats have been said to be suffering from a sonic attack that severely affected them and their families. However, officials from the Kremlin have denied the claims and said that they were irresponsible, uncalled for and really a waste of time. Strong evidence has shown that Moscow was greatly involved in the US diplomat illness as per the investigations that were conducted by federal intelligence authorities such as the FBI and the CIA. The evidence is not strong enough for the USA to begin to blame Russia publicly, but the FBI, CIA and other investigation agencies are doing their best to complete the investigation.

Moscow is converting microwave electromagnetic waves into detrimental control weapons for the human brain. This has created a lot of fear in Washington D.C. The weapons might have brought bad ailments and symptoms. American diplomats and their family members were the most affected by the attack in both Cuba and China. Most diplomats, staff and their family members were suffering from brain damage that was brought about by microwave. Other symptoms are headache, sleeping disorder, dizziness, low concentration, and vision and hearing disorder. Some have come up with theories that the rays cause a painful sound that might lead to illness and traumas. They also cause viral infection and a lot of anxiety. The microwave can lead to the brain being tricked into a percipience that most look at it to be normal. The symptoms that the diplomat showed had been brought about by a sonic weapon.

American diplomats in China came back home over a huge concern that they were suffering from brain damage. The symptoms they had were similar to the ones that were experienced by Cuban diplomats. The neurologists have conducted a medical report on the entire diplomat and concluded that the staff are all suffering from brain damage. The report also shows that it was caused by a sophisticated electromagnetic weapon that may have being used on them. Doctors have voiced their concerns that this type of ailment was caused by the microwave weapons is not easily treatable unless the process is reversed. The military is trying to conduct experiments on the weapons and how to reverse the process by conducting them on animals. The experiment is being conducted in Mexico, where the United State has big laboratories. Here, high power electromagnetic weapons are made and tested.


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