Strong Storm Heads To East Coast


Hurricane Florence lost some of her strength but quickly reached hurricane status once again on Sunday morning. The storm is expected to go through a rapid intensification process that could result in a Category 4 storm barreling toward the eastern coastline. While the exact location as to where the storm could make landfall is not clear at the moment, there are indications that the Wilmington area could be in the line of fire.

Residents who live along the east coast are being urged to create hurricane kits and to make plans to leave the area if the time arrives for an evacuation. Top winds were at 75 mph early on Sunday morning. If Hurricane Florence makes landfall, it wouldn’t be until later in the week on Thursday or Friday. The mid-September storm could bring severe flooding to eastern counties in North Caroling and Virginia and strong winds as far inland as Charlotte.

The warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean are providing the fuel that the storm needs to develop into a strong storm. There are two other storms in the Atlantic Ocean that the National Hurricane Center is closely monitoring. Tropical Storm Isaac should become a hurricane on Sunday, but there is no indication at the moment that it will head toward the east coast. However, the path could change at any time, especially if the ridge of high pressure in the ocean gets stronger or weakens, steering each storm to another point on the map than originally thought. Governors in North and South Carolina have declared a state of emergency as well as the governor in Virginia. Packs of water, flashlights, batteries, and other hurricane supplies have been flying off of store shelves in coastal counties as residents are taking the warnings issued very seriously. Some of the swells from the storm could be felt in the Bahamas as early as Tuesday evening.


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