Cancer Care Goes Mobile with Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Labs

Eric Lefkofsky, CEO of Tempus poses for a portrait at their downtown offices, in Chicago on September 26, 2016. Manuel Martinez/Crain Chicago Business

Chicago-based Tempus is a leading technology company, founded by Eric Lefkofsky,  whose aim is to advance precision medicine, usher big data analytics and improve cancer care. It has already reached unicorn status, a term that is used for companies that are valued at $1 billion or more. It has also been expanding both its sequencing technology repertoire as well as its talent. Its recent announcement is the release of a mobile app, called Tempus Labs, that allows physicians access to all relevant patient data in order to make more informed therapy decisions.

After the app was piloted with doctors nationwide, it is officially available on the App Store as well as Google Play to any physician who orders one of the Tempus assays. These include the xE genomic panel that analyzes the whole exome tumor DNA, a matched normal sample and the whole RNA transcriptome, the xT assay that analyzes 595 genes and xO that analyzes 1714 genes.

Tempus Labs enables physicians to securely access patient information such as clinical history, potential therapy options and relevant clinical trials for which the patients are eligible.

According to Ryan Fukushima, the Tempus COO, “Our intention is to make the Tempus platform accessible to physicians wherever they are, immediately at their fingertips.” “Our team designed it based on conversations with physicians, incorporating their feedback about how their busy clinic schedules can make working at a computer and regularly accessing the Tempus platform challenging,” he continues.


The launching of the mobile app comes after Tempus received an additional $110 million in funding. Investments from Baillie Gifford, funds and accounts managed by T. Rowe Price, Revolution Growth, New Enterprise Associates and other existing investors were included in a Series E round in late August. Tempus aims to put the funds toward expanding operations as well as venturing into new therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular disease or neurological disorders.

“A number of our clinical partners have asked us to extend our capabilities into additional disease areas, and now that our platform is operating at scale, we believe we can do that without taking focus away from our work in oncology,” Fukushima said.

Tempus aims to build the world’s largest library of cancer care data and make that database available to physicians treating cancer patients so that they can make more informed therapy decisions. As such, the company has established a series of data pipelines to collect, cleanse and analyze clinical and molecular information and store in a centralized place. It also provides molecular testing services such as sequencing and analysis of somatic and germline molecular data along with therapeutic information so that healthcare staff are better equipped to make data-driven decisions. This effort is in response to the small and disorganized datasets that have plagued oncology and healthcare more broadly. By building the world’s largest database and a platform to make the data collected accessible and usable, Tempus is committed to bringing  technology as well as real-world evidence in the hands of doctors who are working to usher in an era of precision medicine.

About Eric Lefkofsky

In addition to Tempus, Lefkofsky has several other entrepreneurial ventures. These include Lightbank, a venture fund that focuses its investments on disruptive technologies, Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace, Uptake Technologies, an analytics platform for the world’s largest industries, Mediaocean, an integrated media procurement technologies provider, Echo Global Logistics, a technology-enabled transportation and logistics outsourcing firm and InnerWorkings, whose focus is on providing managed print and promotional solutions globally.


Lefkofsky’s philanthropic engagements include being Trustee of the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago. He also serves as the Board of Trustees’ Chairman of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Furthermore, he and his wife Liz co-chair the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that supports high-impact initiatives that improve lives in the communities served. Since 2013, the two have also been part of the Giving Pledge, whose members commit to donating half their wealth to philanthropic causes. He is also part of Rise of the Rest, an organization that invests in startups across the nation. In terms of his academic involvements, Lefkofsky currently holds an adjunct professorship at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. He is the author of Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation, in which he discusses several critical startup concepts as well as business development evolving at the speed of the next technological innovation.


For more information about Eric Lefkofsky, please visit, LinkedIn: ericlefkofsky, Twitter: @lefkofsky or Facebook: @eplefkofsky. For more information about Tempus, please visit, Facebook: @TempusLabs and Twitter: @TempusLabs.


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