The Conner’s Ratings Drop This Week Has Some People Questioning The Future


If you are one of the doubters that said a show without Roseanne Barr won’t work, then you won’t be surprised by the ratings from this week’s episode of “The Conner’s.” As projected, the ratings dropped this week, and the future looks bleak. Did ABC jump the gun and pull the trigger too quick on Barr?

Many people turned in to see the premier without the favored matriarch at the helm. What they found was ABC killed off the character due to a drug overdose, and they saw an opportunity to make the show even more real. However, as much as Dan and Roseanne Conner were morphed into a comfortable suburbia lifestyle, the public isn’t buying, the giddy and sometimes irritable, Barr as a drug addict. It just doesn’t fit her role or the show. Sure, they have been touched by addiction in the past, but it was too cold and too quick.

Tuesday night is a difficult time slot anyway. ABC hasn’t had a hit on that night in years. Thankfully, the show has got enough viewers to at least keep it on the map, for now. Time will tell if a Roseanne less show will work. To draw interest, they had David, played by John Mark Galecki, this week. His fame on “The Big Bang Theory” brought over some new viewers into this old show. His relationship with new girlfriend “Blue” has Darlene seeing red. Adding Juliette Lewis to the mix was another stroke of genius as she has a fan base too. However, it feels that the storyline has been played a thousand times and their relationship was over 20 years ago.

One thing that viewers will notice is that the politics and support of the current administration have been removed. The support was purely a move from Barr and ABC has axed any such backing. If this show is going to continue, then viewers want a few things addressed. For one, they want to know the whereabouts of Jackie’s son, Andy. Also, whatever happened to Fred? Jackie appeared to be neurotic on the original series, but her acting this time is over the top. She seems like she is one step away from a complete breakdown. Everyone can agree that the addition of the colorful children of Darlene’s gives the show fresh hope. Harris and Mark will undoubtedly keep their mom on her toes.

The jury is still out on how long “The Conner’s” will last. However, Darlene seems to fit in the role of Matriarch quite well. She even has a quick wit and short fuse like that of her late mother, but sometimes there is just no substitution in the peoples’ eyes.


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