Details on Season Five of Gotham Revealed at New York Comic Con Panel


Gotham fans gathered last week to hear news of the show’s fifth and final season at the series’ panel at New York Comic Con. Among the celebrity guests at Gotham’s panel were series stars David Mazouz, Camren Bicondova, Robin Lord Taylor, and Donal Logue and executive producer John Stephens. The panel’s main reveal centers around the basic story arc for the season. Season five of Gotham will take inspiration from two classic Batman stories: No Man’s Land and Zero Year. The former saw Batman and his allies dealing with the effects of an earthquake in Gotham, while the latter saw a young Batman take on the Riddler after the villain cutoff the city’s power supply.

The season’s first episode, entitled “Zero Year,” takes place eight months after the events of the season four finale, which saw Ra’s al Ghul and Jeremiah, the show’s early version of the Joker, destroy Gotham’s bridges. In the opener, Gotham City Police Captain James Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie, has setup a safe zone in Gotham for the city’s law-abiding citizens. The rest of Gotham has been carved up by the city’s gangs. At the center of it all is Robin Lord Taylor’s the Penguin, who has a monopoly on the city’s supply of firearms. Some of the show’s supervillains, such as Poison Ivy and the Riddler, have also established their own territories in Gotham. Meanwhile, Bruce’s top priority will be helping to heal Selina after she was shot by Jeremiah in the season four finale. Mazouz teased that in helping Selina, Bruce will be forced to make a difficult decision that will drive a wedge in their relationship for the rest of the season.

By far the biggest reveal to come out of the panel was that Batman nemesis Bane would be making his debut on the show, played by actor Shane West. While Batman will still fight Bane, the muscled supervillain will not break the Caped Crusader’s back as he did in the classic storyline Knightfall from the 90s. Instead, Bane will break Bruce’s butler Alfred’s back. Stephens teased that the season will reveal much of Bane’s backstory, which heavily involves Captain Gordon. Stephens also told attendees that the show’s final episode will take place ten years in the future and will show Bruce as Batman.

Season five of Gotham premieres on a currently unspecified date in early 2019.


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