Falcon & Winter Solider Are Headed to Disney’s Streaming Service


Rumors about Disney’s plans to launch Marvel Cinematic Universe projects on its new streaming service persisted. The rumors are now changing to news reports. Disney confirmed a new series for its streaming platform. Disney confirmed a team-up series featuring Falcon and Winter Soldier is in development. And yes, big screen stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will play the lead roles.

The news about Mackie and Stan may be shocking to fans. Actors tied to cinematic Marvel properties don’t turn up on streaming services. Marvel’s television and Netflix streaming properties don’t cross over into the motion picture realm. With the Falcon and Winter Soldier series, things change. For diehard MCU fans, things are changing for the better.

Initially, most believed that Disney’s streaming platform would establish new live-action characters. It seemed no alternative existed. All the top characters — and numerous B-level characters — are already in a live-action film or series. Disney chose to go against the entertainment grain and import actors from its mega-budgeted Avengers franchise. This is a trend. Loki and Scarlett Witch garnered greenlights for series on the upcoming streaming platform as well.

Falcon & Winter Solider, however, won’t be a continuing series. The team-up serves as a mini-series designed to better establish the streaming service in the eyes of fans. Streaming services follow a subscription-based business model. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe willing to pay for a streaming service probably already subscribe to Netflix. They may also subscribe to Amazon Prime as well. To ask them to spend more money or cancel a streaming service they like won’t be easy. Providing fans with “must-see entertainment” could motivate some action. The online adventures of two heroes from the hottest franchise at the box office do fall under the “must-see” category.

Properties from Marvel Comics won’t be the only popular ones appearing on Disney’s streaming platform. Disney also owns the rights to Star Wars. Maybe the canceled Boba Fett movie will find a new home there.


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