Homeless Veterans in San Antonio Will Be Getting a Home Soon

Joeseph Kovac, a retired sailor and Veterans of Foreign Wars past commander, salutes one of many color guards in the John Basilone Parade in Raritan, N.J., Sept. 27. The parade is the largest military parade in the nation and honors Basilone, a native Marine hero. (Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Randall A. Clinton)

The Department of Veteran Affairs will be donating money to help homeless veterans get housing. It is estimated that 4,000 veterans will have a permanent home thanks to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Veterans will get $35 million in rental assistance.

David Nisivoccia is the CEO and president of the San Antonio Housing Authority. He stated that people have been crying out to them for help. He also stated that he is happy that they now have the funding to provide people with housing.

David works in Bexar County. This area has the sixth-highest homeless population in the country. Many of the people are chronically homeless. Tom Shaw works for the American GI Form National Veterans Outreach Program. He is the director of client services for housing programs. He stated that many of the veterans have been on the streets five or six times.

The American GI Forum provides assistance to 50 homeless veterans every month. Tom stated that every veteran that walks through the door will get the help that they need. They will receive help with housing and education. David stated that providing stable housing is one of the keys to helping veterans get on their feet.

David stated that once veterans get a voucher, the housing authority will help them find a place to live. After the housing authority signs off on the housing, they will be able to move into their new home. He also stated that there is a lot more it than just giving people a voucher and putting them in a house.

Everyone’s situation is different, so they have to tailor it to fit their needs. He also stated that the goal is to provide people with stability. After veterans get stability, their lives will get better. The HUD has stated that they plan to provide 177 veterans in Texas with housing.


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