Lime Crime Opens A New Chapter After Being Acquired By Tengram Capital Partners

Confidence is something that many people search for. We try to develop it in a lot of different ways, but we often look for a boost when we look in the mirror. Most people find their appearances to be at least somewhat important and like to feel good about how they look so they turn to companies like Lime Crime to customize their appearance. They will invest time, money and effort so that they can look how they want to. Styles fade and emerge but no matter what the trend is, when someone likes the way they look they tend to feel better in general.

Makeup is one of the many ways people will alter their appearance the way they want to. Whether it is a means of self expression or used as a way to highlight one’s favorite natural features, makeup trends and products are more vast in variety and wildly popular than ever before. New information and opinions regarding everything from makeup application techniques to which applicators to use are popping up daily. There are some who have even found their way to corporate and financial success by riding this ever rising beauty wave.

Inspiration From Lime Crime

Media is bursting with beauty inspiration. From YouTube tutorial celebrities, to fashion magazines, to television, to Instagram stars, to online shopping and advertising, something is abundantly clear- it is possible to build a career, and even an entire brand out of the internet makeup craze. People have been finding inventive and lucrative ways to take the energy and enthusiasm of the makeup medium and expand on it for the cosmetic community. Which is exactly how Lime Crime, a vegan cosmetics company, was created. It was birthed by founder Doe Deere’s own love of makeup, fashion and everything outwardly expressive and individualistic about the world of glamor and beauty.

The brand’s dedication to genuine self expression was immediately apparent. Coupling that kind of commitment to authenticity with high quality, cruelty-free products helped the brand find serious popularity among its Instagram followers. It has since held a steady grip on public interest and maintained a surprising online relevance, despite some controversies stemming back from as early as 2008. Their presence had created quite a stir amongst the online beauty community. So much so that the investment firm Tengram Capital Partners has officially acquired a majority stake in the sensational brand with the hopes of helping it achieve its full potential.

Tengram Capital Partners is a firm that is no stranger to cosmetic investments. While they admittedly prefer to work with brands that are founder led with solid vision and leadership structure, they also aren’t afraid of more complicated territory or deals that are a bit of a challenge. Take, for example, their acquisition of of the cosmetics company ReVive.

Success With Other Brands

It may have been a twenty year brand that had spent a decade without corporate parents, but Tenegram Capital Partners saw potential where others saw a company flailing and barely surviving. While the company may have been relying on department stores for main method of distribution, Tengram Capital knew that ReVive had the most crucial element needed for cosmetic success- a time-tested product people consistently wanted. The involvement of Tengram Capital allowed ReVive, a struggling but solid company, to be ushered into a new era.

Tengram Capital clearly knows how to evolve a company out of stagnation, but it also has proven to have a knack for predicting booming trends in the cosmetics market. And from the looks of it, they tend to favor the companies and product lines that are taking the market in a less harmful, less toxic direction than their competitors. These kinds of investments aren’t just socially and environmentally responsible, they are also incredibly lucrative. Which is something that has not gone unnoticed.

Tengram Capital Partners is not new to this shift toward natural ingredients and wellness in the beauty market. The investment firm actually has a pretty substancial history of getting involved with companies that keep both customer health and environmental impact as a priority. Whether the motivation for these investments was philanthropic, self-interested, or a combination of both, Tengram knew something good when they saw it.

Tengram Partner, Richard Gersten, has had his eye on the future for quite some time, now. It was 16 years ago back in 2002 when he purchased the companies Avalon Organics and Alba Botanica. He recognized that even though both companies needed some restructuring and adjustments, there was something they had keyed in on. These were both companies that didn’t just concentrate on customer demands, but were also mindful of their customers’ health and wellness, even before that was such a popular position.

While many other brands were relying heavily on cheap, highly synthesized production methods and materials, Avalon and Alba were taking a more holistic and natural approach to their production and cosmetic ingredients. They not only managed to produce high end, quality beauty products, they managed to do it using purely organic and natural ingredients. Tengram Capital saw an opportunity to invest in what they new would eventually become a very positive and popular trend.

Tengram’s Other Investments

They have also invested in a tiny brand called This Works, which is based out of London, England. Even though Tengram Capital Partners knew the company was not very big, their interest in it was not based on the company’s size. Their intrest was rooted in the fact that the small company was focused on creating clean, natural products. They stood out to investors among the bigger names by keeping customer wellness at the forefront of their process. Tenegram Capital Partners saw products customers loved and trusted, even if the company’s market presence wasn’t a dominant one. Now, natural and organic companies of all kinds and sizes have started to take center stage in the world of makeup and beauty products. Tengram was just early to the party.

The socially conscious and financially informed investment firm proved that it could handle making the old new again, and that it can predict and invest in socially conscious cosmetic trends, but its more recent investment in the vegan cosmetic brand, Lime Crime, is testing something else entirely. Tengrams newest, exciting makeup brand originated through the internet and social media. The digitally native company gained a quick cult following on social media. Once the word was out, products and announcements were made widely accessible to customers via online distribution methods at all times of the day and night.

The brand’s proud standard of cruelty-free cosmetics and bold, high quality product choices have made it a well-known name in the professional and amateur beauty communities. On and offline makeup enthusiasts alike have taken an increasingly firm stance keeping cruelty and toxins out of cosmetics, which is one of the reasons the online brand resonated so strongly. What this digitally based company needed from Tengram Capital Partners wasn’t so much someone to help get stared or revamp them, but rather a means to add structure to what they had already cultivated.

The unique makeup brand has given a bold new perspective on how to experience and purchase cosmetic products from the very beginning. Many brands and faces of fashion focus on a specific look or trend of the moment. Some hear their product and service marketing more toward concealing and covering blemishes and perceived flaws rather than the accentuation of beauty. Lime Crime took a different approach and took a lot of beauty enthusiasts with them. Their product marketing and brand messages were about generating an excitement within makeup culture. The vegan company has strongly urged makeup artists and casual cosmetic users alike to be brave and creative in the makeup style and product choices they make.

 Connecting Customers

They have, and continue to connected to their customers through a shared desire to have makeup be expressive and imaginitave instead of stifled and repetitive. Being different made them standout in a tremendously competitive field, but it hasn’t exactly been all smooth sailing for the tech savvy, animal friendly brand. Navigating such a wide and often oversaturated market of digital brands while also trying to generate a presence in stores is not easy. Which is why their new relationship with Tengram Capital Partners will most likely have a very positive influence on the company’s direction and expansion.

No one is certain what the overall outcome of this deal will be for either party, but chances seem very good that this acquisition will work in favor of both Tengram Capital Partners as well as their newest cosmetic brand. The investment company has always had an eye for longevity when it comes to products. It also has consistent motivation for success regarding the companies it invests in and acquires. Their latest purchase came with an already substantial and dedicated following, as well as having digital relevance and a passion for makeup that delights customers while being humane and ethical with its product ingredients and development. Seems like this new team could very well be a winning combination.


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