Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches The Largest Prize In U.S. History


The Mega Millions jackpot was not won by anyone in the latest drawing. This means that those who are hoping for good fortune have yet another chance to try their luck as that jackpot rolls over yet again.

The jackpot currently stands at approximately $1.6 billion dollars to any lucky winner who can match all six numbers. Needless to say, the odds of doing so are incredibly unlikely. Regardless of the odds many throughout the country are dreaming of what it would be like to win all of that cash. It has become a bit of a national obsession to daydream about those winnings and what you would do with them.

CNN reports that the Mega Millions jackpot has now rolled over some twenty-five times in a row, and that is why it has grown to such a large number. Another thing contributing to all of this insanity is the fact that the game changed its structure of play a few years ago. It actually adopted rules that made the odds of winning the grand prize a lot harder. This has meant that those who play are playing against worse odds than what they had just a few years before. It hasn’t stopped many from getting in on the action regardless.

The people who run the Mega Millions lottery say that just because no one was able to match all of the numbers for Friday’s drawing does not mean that people should throw away their tickets without looking. There are secondary prizes for matching at least some of the numbers. At least some individuals happened to be lucky enough to match five out of the six numbers drawn. That is worth a one million dollar second prize!

There are plenty of people who are going to try to win the jackpot when it draws again next week. So many are buying tickets for these drawings now that the chances of all possible number combinations being purchased is getting higher. It may just be the case that there are enough tickets floating out around there that someone finally does win it all.

It is definitely time to take a look at all of this and figure out just how big of an impact it will be for the lucky winner or winners who take home this prize. It is sure to change the entire trajectory of not only that person’s life, but also the lives of those that they come in contact with.


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