Nick Vertucci Discusses The California Housing Market’s Impact On The US in 2018


The California housing market is a significant indicator of general trends happening throughout the country. This is why it is important to understand what is happening in this particular region, and Nick Vertucci offers unique insights about the current condition of the housing market in California. In his recent book called Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed, he elaborates on his views about risk and fear. He connects these internal emotions with the decision-making process that people have to go through in order to succeed in the real estate market.

Nick takes a particular view on the housing market in California. He notes that the way the prices affect buying and selling should only be one part of the whole picture. He developed a template and a program for navigating housing markets during different stages. As a real estate expert, he understands that there are many variables that come into play once an investor is deciding when to sell a property. These calculations can be difficult to make, but additional doubts and fears tend to make it even harder. Nick had to reinvent his whole outlook on real estate several times during the course of his career. He is now dedicated to making it possible for others to learn from his mistakes.

Nick Vertucci’s Background

Nick started his career at an early age because of certain experiences he had while still finishing high school. He came from a modest background, so he knew he would have to work very hard. He also didn’t see academic success as the right road for him. Instead, he focused all his energy on learning the ropes of how to get ahead in business as an employee. He became employed early in life to help support his family after the tragic death of his father. Through this experience, he learned that he would not be able to realize his vision by climbing the corporate ladder one step at a time. Instead, he started to refine his vision for creating a successful business model that others could follow.

After graduating from high school, he embarked on a direction that would shape the rest of his life. He left his job with the company he was working for at the time, and he began to invest all his energy in developing and realizing his own professional vision. He started his first tech company, and this decision would set the foundation for many future events. It is especially revealing that he became successful before he lost the company and fell back into economic depression once again. Rebounding from this is really where his book shines and inspired the reader to persevere.

Rebounding From Loss, Failures

His experiences with loss and even failure started to become a main theme in his work, and he noticed that many people in his field were going through similar issues. He decided that if he could figure out a way to make it through the experiences of doubt and the fear of failure, he could pass on this valuable information to others. Examples of the losses he experienced include the shocking realization that his own business partners were cutting him out of his own company. A downward spiral of events occurred shortly afterwards, and this resulted in him nearly losing everything he had built up over years. Rebounding from this type of loss is possible, and this is a theme that occurs throughout his book.

chief executive officer of the nick veruticci real estate academy
Nick Vertucci CEO of NVREA

He started the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, or NVREA, in order transfer the insights he gained through many years of experience, failure and rebounding. The academy helps students to internalize the types of habits that make it possible to build a seven-figure income through real estate. It has locations spread throughout the entire United States, and this includes key real estate states like California and Nevada. The academy is experiencing rapid growth, and it is now ranked as one of the fastest growing educational institutions for real estate. Nick teaches students about his methods, and he shares the insights he gained while developing his blueprint for flipping homes for a profit.

To elaborate on the model of success that is taught in his academy, Nick wrote a book that goes into even more detail. This is a great resource for students who are experiencing the same emotional and psychological challenges before breaking through into a successful career in real estate. Nick understands what people are going through, and he provides many useful tips and tools for dealing with the inevitable difficulties. Throughout the book, he encourages readers to continuously visualize their own success. He knows that if readers can visualize it, they can also create it in their real lives.

Nick’s View on Current Housing Market

Nick understands the significance of California in terms of the overall real estate market. What happens in this state can often be used as a forecasting tool. Many other areas in the country tend to follow the trends that start on the west coast. California is also recognized as the sixth largest economy in the world. In 2018, the housing market in this state surprised forecasters by coming out as one of the top performers in terms of housing prices. The general trend line for housing prices has been steadily rising in California. This certainly raises the issue of when it is a good time to sell the property.

Information about the condition of the housing market should always come from multiple sources. Nick always advises his students to check with several different organizations that report on housing markets. This is a great technique that provides perspective on the housing market as a whole. For example, reported the states that are currently experiencing hot markets. According to Zillow, the golden state scored almost nine on a scale of one to 10. The summer premium on home sales is hovering just under six percent, and this is good news for people who are already sitting on a property.


nick vertucci the founder of NVREA and an amateur poker player
Nick Vertucci Engaged In His Other Passion Poker


Additional factors can play a role in housing sales and prices. Issues like rising prices are generally favorable to homeowners, but this is only true at a particular income threshold. The housing market for lower income properties often go in the other direction. The issue of property taxes, employment rates and building permits all play a role in affecting the market. Even though there is no way to quantify this data, it is still important to take into consideration when reviewing any housing market. Many real estate professionals look at California’s top performers as market indicators.

They are listed as follows:

• Sacramento
• Vallejo
• Stockton
• San Francisco
• Santa Cruz

Additional information can help the real estate student to round out their perspective on how the market works. Analyzing this information helps the investor assess the current condition of a property. The economic situation in California directly affects the housing market, which is a strong indicator on the national market. This is why it is important to keep an eye on the underlying economic situation in this state as well as housing market data. For example, the growth rate in California’s economy will have a direct impact on housing sales and prices.

During the past year, the economy grew at a rate of 4.7 percent. Compared to the national rate of growth, which was only 2.8 percent, this shows a robust situation underlying the housing market. Overall trends in prices are also revealing. The price of homes in California has been on a steady incline since they started rising in 2018. Nick has a lot of belief in the current housing market in this state. He thinks that it is still possible to get favorable rates of return on properties in spite of the housing prices. In this type of situation, he advises investors to consider the niche markets instead of simply looking at median prices.

Nick Vertucci’s New Book

Nick’s story of his struggles, successes and failures is outlined in his latest book. He thinks that it is important to recount the story of how his first attempts at going into business became a learning experience that was difficult and costly. He wants new real estate entrepreneurs to know that there is success at the end of the struggle. His book also addresses the underlying philosophy that made his success possible. This includes his attitude towards failure and fear. He walks people through the steps of development that he was lucky enough to have during a pivotal conversation with a mentor. That’s how Nick learned how to block out negative thoughts and fears. Mr. Vertucci also learned how to replace these feelings with a new energy that is more powerful. Repeating this process eventually makes success feel natural.

The other topics in the book include the process that he went through in technical terms as well. This includes details about how he found the properties, purchased them, rehabilitated them and rented them out to others. He consolidated this process into a template that is taught at his academy. Nick is always integrating new information into this program, and this includes feedback from his students. He always encourages them to keep in touch. Nick understands how to overcome obstacles and realize his vision. This method can be applied to many other aspects of life as well, and he is confident that students of real estate will benefit from reading it. His insights on personal development provide readers with a condensed view of the stages of growth he endured just to get to the point where he can share it.

Nick Vertucci understands the kind of emotional challenges people face when attempting to transform their lives from the inside out. He offers valuable insights from his personal and professional experiences in his new book. The chapters are organized in a way that allows the reader to take a journey through his early years and into the various stages of success. He is careful to reinforce the idea that failures can be the best educational experience. It is important to have a method for dealing with setbacks in a way that allows enough space for growth.

This is a difficult thing to experience, but it gets easier with daily practice. His academy allows people a concentrated space to learn these skills that will allow them to become successful in the real estate market. His website is a point of contact for anyone who has a success story to share. Nick is always interested in hearing from people who have applied his techniques to their own businesses. He knows that the power of imagination can propel people into a new life of success and achievement. His book is available on Amazon, and readers can also find the e-book version on Kindle.

Nick Vertucci In College

During his educational years, Nick already knew that jumping through academic hoops was not for him. He didn’t see education playing a role after graduating high school. Instead, he started to look at life as a hands-on educational system. Starting a company and going through the process of failure was his greatest teacher, and his book explores the insights that came with that painful experience. The value of the ordeal was not clear until years later, so Nick really believes that it is important to learn how to keep a good perspective on adversarial events as they are happening. As difficult as it is to recognize, failures teach the greatest lessons.

He started to formulate this perspective early in life. Before graduating high school, his father passed away, and his family moved. He started to make a series of decisions that would shape his future. He purchased a van, relocated to be with his family and worked as a delivery driver to support them. After spending tedious years working up into the sales department of the company, he started to realize that he wanted more than the company could offer. This is where he started to make critical decisions that would shape his career path.

He started to become aware of ambitions that were anchored to a specific vision. He wanted to create something that he could dedicate all of his resources towards building and developing. As a result, he began his own company by the time he was only 22 years old. He continued to work as a real estate investor, and he gathered many insights through firsthand experiences. After some serious setbacks with his business, he started to rethink the issue of failure.

Nick had created a solid business plan and executed a viable model that created profits, and yet his business partners cut him off. This came as a real shock at the time, but he learned the importance of working with people who are reliable and supportive. Failing to surround himself with positive colleagues who shared his goals taught him this lesson. He now speaks with confidence about the importance of creating social networks that align with the business goals.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, NVREA

After experiencing the losses that came with his early endeavors, Nick began to think more about the types of risks he was still willing to take. Calculating risks became a new habit, and he noticed that this would also help him deal with doubts or fears of failing. Understanding the resources he had available would help him to realize his vision. It also required a lot of hard work and dedication, and he now strives to pass on these insights to students at NVREA. He teaches that putting the illusion of comfort to the side can help open up the person to the realization that life is inherently risky.

Once this fact is really experienced firsthand, it becomes easier to make a calculated risk. For example, many people assume that they are not taking risks just by staying in the same situation. Familiarity makes them feel like their condition is somehow less risky than it would be if they invested in creating a major change. Change itself is perceived as risky, but the reality is very different. Depending on the context, the change can actually mitigate risks; however, it is true that sudden change can cause a lot of discomfort and even upheaval.

Because taking risks is just a part of the process, it is important to pay attention to the calculations that are underpinning the decision. Investing in one’s own vision may lead to a type of personal growth that would not be possible under other conditions. This is a great time to point out how important it is to remain aware of your resources at all times. Everyone has access to a different type of safety net, and this can include friends and family members. Make sure to clearly identify people who are supportive and encouraging, and give these people more access. Market News

Support Networks of Success

Support networks are essential to success. In addition to providing tangible benefits, a great support network will also neutralize any type of self-doubt that might creep into the mind. It is always a challenge to deal with strong emotions, but it is much easier to do this when you know that it is just a part of a bigger process. This also makes it possible to prepare for the emotional challenges that inevitably come with making positive changes. Nick had plenty of personal experience working with business partners who did not actually support his business plan. Even though he was generating revenues for the company that he founded, they actually undermined him.

This was a serious setback, but it also made him re-evaluate his business model. He became aware that resistance to change is a reflex. Nick now understands that people will tend to stay in situations that are familiar even if it is not working. The resistance to change seems to be hired-wired into people, and this is true even if the changes are positive. It takes a lot of adjusting to get involved in something completely different; however, this is also the only way to transform one’s life. To move from the middle class into an upper-income bracket requires a lot of change. Even though the change is desirable, people will still associate their current situation with comfort and stability. Changing the mind is one of the most powerful tools Nick works with when teaching students at his real estate academy.

Making it Real

Taking a dream to the next level requires a lot of planning, organizing and action. Initiating an action is critical, but the action must also be a part of a plan. Many students get stuck in either one or the other. Either they have a great plan but do not act, or they know how to act and lack a plan. Nick understands that both the plan and the ability to execute it are necessary. Generating a positive self-image regardless of what other people think is a skill that takes time and persistence to develop. Nick believes that this is a critical skill for entrepreneurs who are getting ready to take some risks.

Risk-taking can lead to amazing results, and this includes the ability to handle fears and rebound from failures. Take a serious look at the available resources, and evaluate your ability to take risks accordingly. These are the tools that make risk-taking possible. Social networks are included as a resource. The people who are involved can really help to propel the project forward. Another resource is the perspective you have about failure. If you believe that failure is an educational tool, you will experience it differently. It will not have the last word.

Nick talks about failure in this way even after losing a business, having his partners cheat him, being sued and starting over from scratch. The difficulties he faced shaped his outlook on business, and that set the foundation for future endeavors. The ability to persist is what really counts in the end. Failure is not the last word. Getting the hang of this feels really different because of the way people have been trained to think. Fear of failure is really nothing more than a mental habit. It can be changed, and this process is called pattern interruption.

Nick Vertucci, Pattern Interrupting Techniques

Nick learned about pattern interruption from a mentor in the real estate business. He was dealing with a lot of negative thoughts and doubts, and he was not aware at the time that he could block them out. After a conversation with his mentor, he suddenly realized what was happening. Even more amazing, he realized that he could actually do something about it. It is a great feeling to be able to exercise control over what happens in your own head, and Nick really got into it. He started to drown out the negative thoughts and overwhelm them with positive thoughts. He details this process in his book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. You can find it on Kindle and Amazon, and you can visit his site



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