Trump’s Internet Store Is Selling Stand Up For America Football Jerseys


Ever since Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the opening ceremonies of a San Francisco football game, President Donald Trump has been breathing fire at the National Football League. According to Mr. Trump, football players don’t have the right to express their First Amendment rights. Trump claims those knee-taking football players are breaking a scared, unwritten Trump law that says “anyone who takes a knee is an enemy of democracy. Trump’s put the fear of God in NFL players by mocking them in public, and by putting pressure on the NFL. Trump wants the NFL to get those unruly players under control. So far, Trump’s plan to censor football players who believe America needs to address its racism out in open isn’t working.

But the president has a ton of sketchy tricks up his Brooks Brothers suit sleeves. His latest attempt to beat the NFL at its own game is selling football jerseys that look like NFL football jerseys on the Trump Store website. According to, the Trump jerseys are red, and they come in men and women’s sizes. Plus, these $99 football jerseys have the words: Stand Up for America” on the front and the number “45” on the front and the back. And there’s an America flag embroidered on the sleeve.

The Trump website started selling the jerseys on September 7th; the day after the new NFL season started. A Trump campaign spokesperson told the New York Post that jersey sales were brisk. In fact, sales were so brisk Trump fans have to wait four to five weeks to get one of these political collector’s items.
According to the New York Post, senior advisor for Trump for President, Lara Trump, said the jerseys represent Trump’s belief that all Americans should stand for the National Anthem.

During a recent Trump speech, the president referred to the NFL as “a great American company.” That comment came after Trump went into detail about how his administration dealt with a Super Bowl ad dispute that came about in a trade deal with Canada. Roger Goodell thanked Mr. Trump following the positive outcome of that dispute.

Even though Trump is putting a full court press on the players and the public, kneeling will continue, according to several football players. They want the world to know all is not as it appears when it comes to equal rights for all Americans in Trump’s version of America.


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