Aloha Construction Receives the Honorary 2018 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics


Aloha Construction is a bonded and insured family construction business in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It won a prestigious International Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau on November 1, 2018. The award was for outstanding marketplace ethics. Aloha was nominated along with many other businesses in Northern Illinois and Chicago. Although the company won an honorable mention in last year’s competition, this year’s win marked a big milestone for Aloha.


The 2018 Torch Award Ceremony


A Torch Award is the highest honor that a company can receive from the Better Business Bureau. Aloha was chosen for the award because of its proven record of ethical business practices. Some of the well-known companies that competed in this year’s event were Empire Today, American Sale, Lake Shore Recycling Systems, Fox Valley Auto Group and Perma-Seal. There were 14 finalists from hundreds of nominees for the 2018 competition. Many residents in the area are familiar with these distinguished names, and Aloha strengthened its reputation even more by making the list.

Aloha Construction’s CEO, David Farbaky said that the Torch Award came from the company’s organic work. According to Mr. Farbaky, the company has always been active in the community and has kept its commitment to give back. He added that he felt humbled for receiving two consecutive nominations, being considered among many reputable local businesses and receiving the award for 2018. Mr. Farbaky said that he and the people at his company could not express their gratitude, and he added that the company’s ethical practices were not in place for recognition but simply to help people.

During the competition, the judges gave an overview of Aloha’s charity work and community outreach efforts. One of the examples was the company’s work with Camp One Step, which is hosted by Children’s Oncology Services. The judges mentioned other organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the American Red Cross and Illinois State University. The judges talked about the innovative corporate training methods and policies of Aloha, and they praised the company’s procedures for handling customer service issues. There was a panel of 15 independent judges for the competition.

After the company received an honorable mention in 2017 along with several other local businesses, it made a video to thank everyone who played a part in getting Aloha to that point. A supporting article referenced the company’s 10-year warranty on its craftsmanship. This sends a message that Aloha cares about the quality of its work and materials, and it gives customers the peace of mind that they will not have to lose money during that time. In 2017, Aloha Construction’s involvement in sponsoring a Bloomington charity and the Roselle Medinah softball and baseball leagues was mentioned during the award event. Mr. Farbaky said that the company was honored to be one of three Illinois businesses that received an honorable mention for 2017. There were six Torch Award winners that year, and they were chosen from hundreds of nominations. In a press release statement, Mr. Farbaky said that the company was proud to win an honorable mention and that it did not set out to be recognized. He added that it was humbling to be recognized for the company’s commitment to hard work. Also, Mr. Farbaky said that he saw the Torch Award honorable mention as a measurable demonstration of customer care.


The Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics


Although it is commonly referred to as a Torch Award, the honor is properly called the International Torch Award for Ethics. The award program was established in 1996 to recognize companies with outstanding business practices, leadership trends, high standards of organizational ethics and social responsibility practices. Torch Awards are distributed once each year. They were designed to emanate the mission of the Better Business Bureau, which is to increase trust in the marketplace. When the events are planned, they are sponsored by the Better Business Bureau Institute for Marketplace Trust.

The BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust is part of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, which is a registered nonprofit organization. The Institute for Marketplace Trust is the organization’s educational foundation. As its name implies, it shares the BBB’s mission, and its goal is to implement programs that promote ethical business practices in every workplace. Also, it seeks to provide training and to spread awareness about fraud, deceptive advertising and business scams. It also works hard to build digital literacy and financial education initiatives. The institute provides programs and online training in addition to workshops for trainers in more than 100 offices throughout all 50 American states, Mexico and Canada.

To be eligible for a distinguished Torch Award, a company must meet several criteria. The awards are open to all commercial entities that provide services or goods to wholesale or retail markets. Nonprofit organizations are not eligible to receive these awards. Also, businesses that mostly serve federal, local or state governments do not qualify for Torch Awards.

If any of the following apply, a company is not eligible for a Torch Award:

  • The company has not been in business for at least three years.


  • The company has not received an award from a local BBB program.


  • The company has not met all financial obligations.


  • The company has a rating that is under a B on the BBB’s scale.


  • The company has received an International Torch Award once during the past three years.

If a company wants to enter the competition, it must win a local BBB award. There are local competitions each year. However, some BBB branches may not have regular local competitions. If there is no local award program, a business in that area is not eligible for a Torch Award. When a company wins a local competition, the BBB branch forwards that winner’s information to the international event committee for consideration. The next deadline for the Torch Awards is the beginning of June in 2019. Winners will be announced in late August, and the 2019 luncheon will be held in October in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


In addition to its Torch Award, Aloha Construction has received other positive attention lately. The Bro Talk and a few other blogs have written about CEO David Farbaky and his strong commitment to charity. Although he is passionate about giving back to the community and about helping people in other parts of the country, Mr. Farbaky also makes charity a part of his company’s organizational culture. According to bloggers and reporters who write about him and his business, he inspires a spirit of care and giving in his employees. One of the gestures that the company gained recognition for was sending a child with a congenital heart condition to a Chicago Bulls game. Aloha also started a partnership with the Bloomington Thunder USHL hockey team. It is part of the only Tier I junior hockey league in the United States. Last year, Aloha and Mr. Farbaky were proud to see that two Thunder players were chosen for the National Hockey League draft. Aloha provides financial sponsorship to help teens in the league work toward their dreams of success as professional hockey players in the future. The National Roofing Contractors Association also published a story about Aloha Construction last year when the company sponsored a toy shopping spree. Mr. Farbaky worked with OMNI Youth Services to select a family. The chosen single mother was facing poverty and depression. With the help of a local toy store, Mr. Farbaky arranged a game that allowed the woman’s four children to grab as many toys as possible in 60 seconds. They were given an extra 30 seconds to grab more toys.


A New Division: Aloha Restoration


The company announced the start of Aloha Restoration. Although it is part of Aloha Construction, it is for interior projects. The original company focuses on exterior projects. Aloha Restoration’s main service categories include emergency mold removal, water cleanup, smoke and fire damage restoration, and remodeling. Winter snowstorms wreak havoc on houses in Illinois and Wisconsin when large amounts of snow and rainy periods during the summer can leave basements flooded.

Basements and other rooms in the home may flood if a hot water heater breaks or if a pipe bursts. The ensuing water mess is hard to clean up but must be removed quickly to prevent damage. Aloha Restoration specializes in prompt removal and follows procedures to properly dry the area. Mold removal services are often necessary after flooding or after water damage from a leaky roof. House fires and smoke from the flames can damage many parts of the home’s interior, and Aloha’s experts know how to fix those problems. Remodeling is necessary in many homes due to old fixtures or features that get damaged. Aloha Restoration provides a wide range of services and quality materials. Also, the company has a policy of leaving each home with no negative residual effects after any interior restoration project.

Aloha Restoration made the news earlier in November when it received a distinguished endorsement from NFL Super Bowl star Tom Thayer. He was an offensive lineman in 1985 when the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl. He is an Entercom radio personality for game days when the Bears play. Aloha Restoration served as a title sponsor for each broadcast during the season and received special recognition from Mr. Thayer. He noted the company’s excellent mold removal services. In a broadcast, Mr. Thayer noted the unpredictable weather of the winter season, and he recommended Aloha Restoration for interior damages from winter storms. Aloha is also a partner with Dan Bernstein. He is another person with 670 The Score.

In an interview, Mr. Farbaky called himself one of the biggest Bears fans in the city. He expressed his appreciation and admiration for Mr. Thayer and said that the star was one of his all-time favorite NFL players. According to Mr. Farbaky, there are a few framed photos of Mr. Thayer in Aloha’s office. When Mr. Farbaky was a teenager and listened to broadcasts on his radio, he never thought that he would cross paths with Mr. Thayer or with Mr. Bernstein. He said that he felt honored to partner with both icons and said that his employees felt the same way. Mr. Farbaky also admires Mr. Bernstein for his commitment to charity. Mr. Bernstein takes part in fundraising efforts for the Michael Rolfe Foundation, the Blind Services Association and Children’s Oncology Services, which Aloha provides assistance to as well.

Why Lake Zurich Residents Choose Aloha Construction


Dave Farbaky started Aloha Construction in 2008. For a company that only has a decade of history, it has established itself as a leader in social responsibility, customer service, and quality craftsmanship. The company provides roofing and siding services to customers in Southern Wisconsin, in Northern Illinois and throughout other parts of Illinois.

This amazing team of dedicated general contractors can assist with roofing, siding, gutter, and window replacement projects. Everyone that works with Aloha is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Since its main office is in Lake Zurich, some of its popular service counties include DuPage, Cook, and McHenry. From its Bloomington office, it mainly serves residents in the counties of Champaign, Washington, Tazewell, McClean, and Peoria. This year, the company marked a milestone of finishing more than 20,000 total projects. Those projects were completed in cities such as Round Lake, Gurnee, Grayslake, Hoffman Estates, Vernon Hills, Lindenhurst, Lake Villa, Mahomet, Palatine, Peoria, Normal, Pekin, Morton and several others.

Aloha’s 10-year warranty for its services is one of the reasons why so many people entrust their roofing and siding projects to the company. On its site, the company lists a few reasons why homeowners may need a new roof. Normal aging, friction, wind and moisture damage are a few cited reasons. Aloha Construction works with steep and low slopes as well as with flat roofs. The experts work with a variety of materials such as cedar shake, asphalt, metal and more. When Aloha is determining the quality of a roof’s integrity, an expert performs a nine-point inspection to identify any overlooked issues. With this process, Aloha can determine an accurate estimate for repairs or roof replacement.

Aloha tells customers the remaining estimated age of the roof. Another reason why people choose Aloha is that of its siding installation capabilities. According to the website, the company can install or replace any type of siding. The experts at Aloha are experienced in working with vinyl, face brick, wood, fiber cement, stucco, aluminum and several other materials. However, the company recommends vinyl siding to its customers because it is almost a maintenance-free material and because it can raise the property value. It also recommends vinyl for its aesthetic appearance and for its ability to reduce energy bills.

Aloha Construction puts each of its construction workers through extensive training about vinyl siding. They receive their education from the distinguished Vinyl Siding Institute and become certified. Aloha also provides gutter and downspout installation and repair. The company uses high-quality materials and building procedures to ensure that water is routed away from the home, which reduces the chances of seepage and clogs. Aloha employees also tell homeowners how to care for their gutters.


Financing Options


One of Aloha’s services that shows its commitment to helping people is its financing option. The company works with Synchrony, which is known for its good approval rates and reasonable qualification criteria. Aloha chose Synchrony because it has been in business for nearly 85 years and has maintained a reputation for good business practices. Synchrony is one of the nation’s leading companies for consumer purchase financing and store-based credit cards. One of the reasons why Aloha offers financing is because it often provides emergency services. The company knows that unexpected emergencies are hard to pay for upfront, and many people do not have the money to cover a major project whether it is an emergency or not. If a homeowner cannot cover the cost alone or if an insurance company will not cover it, Aloha suggests a credit arrangement through Synchrony.


Customer Reviews 


In online reviews, Aloha Construction is rated highly for friendly and prompt customer service. The company offers a free home inspection to prospective customers with no obligation to purchase services or products. When customers choose to work with Aloha, the company has a policy of performing thorough inspections for siding, roofing, gutters or interior needs. Aloha experts explain any damages, consequences of delaying work and the possible solutions. Since most consumers are not familiar with roofing or siding materials, the experts also educate them about the benefits and drawbacks of their product choices. They help customers choose the right materials and services for their budget needs and preferences. Aloha’s slogan is “We reign when it storms.” The company’s emphasis on storm damage restoration and emergency cleanup services brings it plenty of inquiries after storms, and its reputation for prompt responses helps it continue to grow. Although Aloha Construction cannot win another Torch Award for at least a few years, the company plans to continue its affordable pricing structure, high standards of customer care and quality work since it cares about satisfied people more than inflated profits.

To get in touch with a professional and consider a free inspection,  get in touch with Aloha Construction on their Website, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.


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