Former Admiral William McRaven Admonishes President Trump For Attacks On Median


William McRaven, a retired Navy Admiral, reiterated his stance that the media attacks launched by President Donald Trump represent a great threat to the democracy of the country. McRaven’s words were in response to words by the president via an interview on Fox News suggesting the former admiral was a backer of Hillary Clinton.

McRaven explains that he has never been a ‘backer’ of Hillary Clinton. He openly expressed his admiration for former Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush. McRaven explains that he worked for both presidents. He also says he has respect for all former presidents of the United States.

McRaven says that any person, including a president, who undermines the right of the people to freedom of speech and expression is a threat to the constitution that is the framework of the nation.

The comments by Trump came during a tense back and forth with Chris Wallace of Fox News. President Trump was also critical during the exchange for not killing Bin Laden sooner.

Wallace initiated the exchange by mentioning McRaven was a 37 year veteran of the Navy, a former Navy Seal, and the one-time head of Special Operations. President Trump cut Wallace off immediately with the words “Hillary Clinton fan.” Wallace repeated again, “special operations.” The president was undaunted and referred to McRaven as a Hillary Clinton fan once more.

Wallace then asked if Trump would give McRaven any credit for killing Bin Laden. Trump mouthed the words “they took him down,” then immediately shifted the focus to the aid the United States gives to Pakistan. This point is relevant to the president because this is where Bin Laden hid before he was finally captured. Pakistan is also where he was ultimately killed.

An op-ed published in the Washington Post by McRaven was critical of Donald Trump in August. McRaven asserts that Trump has been an embarrassment both to “our children” and the world at large. McRaven went on to say that the worst thing about President Trump is the manner in which he has divided the nation.


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