That What Goes Around Comes Around Thing Just Hit Don Sr. and Ivanka Square Between the Eyes


If there is such a thing as mortal sins in President Trump’s complicated belief system, using private emails to conduct official government business would hit the top two list. The other mortal sin might be reading fake news about him. You could say Trump put his faith in calling the act of sending government emails through personal email accounts criminal.

Trump’s been shouting “lock her up” so much Hillary had to come out and defend herself. Hillary’s not broadcasting her plan yet but people close to her say she wants to take another crack at Trump in 2020. But some Democrats say she and Bill need to stay in one of their mansion and play with the grandkids.

Trump said Ivanka didn’t send classified information when he first learned that Princess Ivanka took a page out of Hillary’s how to go around the system for personal and sometimes nefarious reasons, book. Ivanka just opened the door for what sounds like a whole sack of investigations that will try to take Donald Trump and the Trump family apart, piece by piece.

According to the top Democrat on the Oversight Committee, Congressman Elijah Cummings, his panel will sharpen their investigating knives between now and the time the “New Kids on the Congressional Block get in town. Congressman Cummings and other Democratic congressmen waited for a chance to give back the shade and torment Trump rained down on them for the last three years. Some political experts say Trump will go down in history as the man that remade the Democratic Party. Mr. Trump politically dismembered the party by destroying the credibility of the party leaders.

But rather than thank Trump for pushing them out of the 1930s, the Democrats want to inflict some political and personal pain on the president. He needs to pay for all those Obama and Clinton lies, according to the old guards in the Democratic Party. And some people say Ivanka will pay for being put in a position way out of her wheelhouse.

Ivanka has lots of trademarks to sell and lots of deals to make while she can. Trying to balance the duties of a mother with the challenges of a high-powered government and business career as well as being the visible Trump trademark for his international businesses can be overwhelming. Maybe that’s why said she didn’t know she broke a federal rule.


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