The Military Heard Trump’s Border Call to Arms so Did Large Armed Militia Groups


There’s a day of reckoning in store for the caravan of Central American Migrants who want to seek asylum in the United States. According to several media reports about the caravan may be shrinking. The long trip through Mexico isn’t a cakewalk by anyone’s standards. But the migrants believe America will help them get a fresh start, after suffering violence and social dysfunction in their home countries.

President Trump calls the caravan “an invasion.” He wants to send more than 10,000 troops to protect Americans from unarmed, and poor people with children who heard the United States would protect them. Some of the migrants believe the United States will protect them because they heard Americans fight the people who reign terror down on innocent people. They don’t fight the innocent people. But Trump believes this caravan is pure terror dressed like a group of hungry, tired, and sick migrants willing to die to live their dream.

Trump’s decision to send that number of troops to one of Americans borders to protect America from one caravan made little sense to Democrats. Democrats say South Korea only has 28,000 troops stationed on the border of North and South Korea. Many Democrats say Mr. Trump needed an immigration story that demonstrated his pledge to change the way American deals with illegal immigrants right before the midterm elections. His voter base likes to react to Trump’s political tricks.

But several people think Trump opened a can of armed militiamen who are hankering for target practice. According to the Washington Post, Trump’s call to action woke up hundreds of armed civilians who wear red Make America Great Again hats. Shannon McGauley, the president of the Texas Minutemen said his group will be right behind the U.S. Military. His group will help the military any way they can.

But the ranchers on the border don’t want hundreds of armed militiamen running around on their property. They say some of these militias have hidden agendas like stealing military equipment and shooting at migrants.

According to McGauley, he’s not sure how many militia groups will show up, but his phone hasn’t stopped ringing. People want to get in on this war, according to the ranchers who have watched migrant’s step out from the bushes on their property for decades and ask for help. The ranchers say there’s no need to worry about armed migrants. But there’s plenty of reasons to worry about militia groups.


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