Sears Hanging On By A Thread As Sales Dwindle


While many stores saw lines of people out their front doors for Black Friday, Sears simply tried to get as many people as it could to buy items on the store shelves before many of its stores closed. The company filed for bankruptcy on October 15, leaving most stores across the country and even a few other retail stores that carry Sears products shutting their doors and holding clearance sales to try to make as much money as possible before the end of the year.

Many Sears stores looked about the same as they do during other times of the year as customers didn’t see much of a reason to shop for Black Friday since there aren’t many clearance offers. There are rows of appliances, mattresses, racks of clothing, and other items that stand in many Sears locations untouched. Some stores looked like ghost towns shortly after opening for Black Friday as customers shopped from other companies because of the deals that were lacking from Sears. Some customers didn’t think that it was worth the effort going to the store because many items have been picked over, leaving products that are unwanted.

Sears is trying to make as much money as possible. This is why customers haven’t been seeing the low prices that they expect. However, many stores will begin slashing prices to the bare bones just before the doors close so that the buildings can be cleaned out. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t made a profit in almost a decade, which is why it has filed for bankruptcy. In order for some of the larger Sears stores to stay open, they have to make as much money as possible over the next few months or face the same fate as smaller stores have in recent weeks. Along with the lack of customers and sales, there has also been a lack of employers at many of the stores that are closing because they are trying to find other jobs.


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