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Today’s marketplace is shifting endlessly, especially when it comes to online shopping and sales. With the abundance of apps that soar one moment and fail the next, advertising plugins that leave business owners at the mercy of sites like Facebook and Instagram, and the fast pace of consumer demand, it feels more difficult than ever to get your own business off the ground. This is especially true if you don’t have a ton of capital to start with.

Fortunately, a new business model that puts customers and business owners at the center is poised to put the power back in the hands of individuals, rather than corporations.

market americaMarket America is a global corporation responsible for the employment of over 550 workers worldwide.

Over the years, Market America has brought in more than $7 billion across all properties, using fruitful partnerships with brands like Macy’s, Walmart, and H&M. UnFranchise isn’t just a way to earn, in the same way that Market America isn’t just another way to buy. Through the company’s unique business model, the two have a mutually beneficial, organic relationship that allows would-be business owners to start their own company on their own terms.

CEO JR Ridinger started the business in 1992 with his wife Loren by his side. At the time, this was a risky venture. The internet boom hadn’t hit yet, and the idea of profiting off of online sales was still unheard of. Thanks to Ridinger’s vision, thousands of individuals are now earning a living on their own terms and at their own speed.

Today, Market America isn’t just a thriving global marketplace. It’s a revolutionary platform that provides would-be entrepreneurs with a way to capitalize on existing market trends. With the company’s unique UnFranchise business model, business owners can own and run their own online store without putting down cash for an annuity. Instead, they’ll use credits from pre-existing purchases from any of Market America’s corporate partners, including huge health, wellness, and entertainment brands across the globe, to lay claim to a hyper-intuitive business model.


With legacy stores like Sears filing for bankruptcy, and all the latest one-product wonder stores popularized by Instagram taking over the online market, it’s getting more and more difficult for independent workers to make a living selling goods online.

However, this isn’t a concern for UnFranchise workers who apply the knowledge and mentorship from Market America’s training process to the wider e-commerce marketplace. Using the resources that the UnFranchise model provides them with, including access to high-quality products and an instant online presence, owners can start working and earning without worrying about having to keep up with advertising or manufacturing costs. The nuts and bolts are taken care of; the only thing left to do is sell. And that’s what UnFranchise business owners do best.

“This is a company that means what they say and says what they mean,” wrote customer Chloe Boe in a review. “Their record speaks for itself. Ethics, integrity, [and] performance, along with an A+ BBB rating, ensures the integrity the company is known for.”

“I love Market America,” wrote another happy user on Facebook. “It changes people’s lives. Even if you don’t have a million dollars to buy a franchise, you can make a million dollars by owning an UnFranchise business. It’s real. It’s true. Market America is a dream come true.”

For many Americans, especially those who have just immigrated to this country and are looking for a way into the workplace and out of debt, Market America’s business model could be a dream come true that allows you to earn on your own time with the help of some focused online training and the expertise of business giants like Ridinger on your side.

Market America Unfranchise SYstem

“It is a way out of the 45-year plan,” Ridinger wrote on Facebook, referring to the harsh business success model that Americans are expected to comply with. “It takes work and isn’t easy, but it works if you work it. The products have changed hundreds of thousands of lives. Tens of thousands have residual income that makes a difference in [quality of] life.”

This exists in stark contrast to the traditional American business plan, which requires business owners to have large loans or independent capital to get started. While this model might have worked in the past for a select number of people, it’s becoming less and less realistic for a growing, ever-diverse American population that’s trying to branch out on their own and forge a path that diverges from the ordinary and expected. “More times than not [with the 45-year plan,]” writes Ridinger in his blog, “you end up right where you started – broke, tired, and wanting a better life for yourself and your family.”

If the U.S. brick-and-mortar business model is dead, however, that doesn’t mean that the American dream has to die along with it. On the contrary, Market America is paving the way for Americans to achieve more without breaking their backs, sacrificing their health, and missing out on life. The UnFranchise model is perfect for self-starters – people with a dream who just need a bit of a helping hand to start their own business.

Consider Cheyn Crangle’s statement about the Market America business model:
“I made over $9,000 last month with only around 180 business owners. In 98% of other companies out there, you would need 10,000 -20,000 business owners (if not more) to accomplish that.”
Market America UNFRANCHISE
Successful Gen-Y UnFranchise® owner Cheyn Crangle.

Crangle added in a Facebook post that the UnFranchise model is for average people looking to learn about creating a business through helpful online training, relationship building, and skill sharing.

You can learn more about Crangle and how he succesfully built his Market America Unfranchise business in his Power Profile. 

The era of mobile shopping, ushered in by apps like Instagram that make purchases as simple and intuitive as double-tapping on an ad, is soaring. It shows no sign of stopping, either, regardless of the country’s larger economic trends. In 2018 alone, the United States has seen a $37 billion rise in online purchases from last year, building on a $39 billion rise from 2016. By the year 2020, online sales are projected to reach a high of $523 billion, while web-influenced in-store purchases will soar to 1,616 billion. This doesn’t just look promising for the online economy. It also means that new owners of online businesses are stepping into an exceptionally ripe marketplace.

While offline shopping still makes up the bulk of U.S. purchases, the numbers keep growing.

unfranchise market America business

As the younger generations who have been raised on Instagram and Twitter start to come into their own as young adults with expendable income, online shopping is likely to surpass offline shopping. This might be bad news for the big “everything” stores and supermarkets trying to keep up with trends and demand. It’s great news, however, for UnFranchise business owners. According to an e-commerce report from this year, “in 2016, 209.6 million U.S. people were online shoppers and had browsed products, compared prices, or bought merchandise online at least once. These figures are projected to reach 230.5 million in 2021, positioning the United States as of one the leading e-commerce markets based on online shopper penetration.”

The numbers look enticing, but there are plenty of reasons why workers might not want to take the risk of opening up shop for themselves, even if it means capitalizing on a growing market.

There are even more reasons to seriously consider it. In today’s political climate, working for yourself increasingly seems like a better option than the alternative: Spending years of your life chained to a desk. The modern workplace is increasingly going remote, and workers are finding more creative ways to earn income. The American consumer is also changing, thanks to mobile shopping and at-a-glance ads that make it easy to press a button and fulfill any desire, from a purchase of home goods to a pizza delivery order.

Perhaps because of this, Americans are also deeper in debt than ever before.  

As recently as August of this year, the national average consumer debt rose by 6.2 percent to a total of $3.935 trillion. There are many reasons why Americans find themselves deeper and deeper in debt. Many of them have to do with the way we spend and the way we save. While certain “good debts,” like a car and student loans, can be seen as positive marks on our credit score, dragging thousands of dollars behind us each year isn’t helpful when it comes to thinking about starting fresh or building something new for ourselves. When we feel like we’re stuck in a hole of debt, we’re somehow less likely to take chances when it comes to digging ourselves out. We’d rather keep paying the high interest and indulging in the fantasy that we’re somehow chipping away at the mountain of debt we’ve been living with for decades.

market america There’s a reason why more and more Americans find themselves looking for reliable part-time work. It’s a necessity due to the rising cost of living and the rising value of debt. But it’s also a way in which workers can create a safety net for themselves should their primary job fall through. Building your own business can serve as an even safer net for this eventuality. After the great recession, Americans found themselves distrustful of traditional lending institutions, like banks and credit agencies. Disposable income became more and more of a fantasy, rather than a right. Today, with online sales booming, workers are finding new and better ways to become entrepreneurs, working for themselves and bringing in their own business on their own terms. That’s where Market America comes in. The work isn’t just solid; it provides UnFranchise business owners with a caring, uplifting platform that gives them the support they need to build a better life.

When UnFranchise business owner Dawn McKenzie started out, she was impressed by what the Market America business model had to offer. “This business works beautifully when you work it,” she said. “Then when you can’t work it because of life’s travails, it still works.”

When McKenzie’s 92-year-old mother fell ill, the business owner found herself with less time on her hands. But her commitment to caring for family didn’t take away from her ability to work and earn. “As life would have it,” McKenzie wrote on a Facebook post, “I now find myself taking care of [her] 24/7. Although I’m not able to work the business at this time as I would like, the business still pays me. How great is that?”

McKenzie isn’t the only one seeing dramatic results and support from her UnFranchise business ownership. Business owner Steph Maas wrote in a post about how much she’s gotten from the business, both in terms of support and actual health benefits. “I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, and I’m transferring my buying to buy from myself generating an ongoing income.” Wrote Maas. “Had no idea this company was even out there till my 19 yr old daughter, Jenna, introduced me over 6 years ago. So blessed to be a part of this amazing company… Thank you for giving me my health back.”

market america building a businessWhen it comes to building your own business, most people can only think of the venture in terms of risk. What if I fail? What if the market changes? What if something unexpected happens, or I can’t pay back the business loan?

These are all valid concerns for people looking to go out on a limb and start their own business. But the UnFranchise model almost completely removes these concerns. There’s no risk of investing in something that doesn’t pan out. Instead, using in-demand products to create a store with a proven customer base, the UnFranchise model allows users to generate sales based on pre-existing consumer need. This gives a whole new meaning to the idea of “passive income.”

Part of why Market America’s UnFranchise business model has been so successful is the fact that it’s always one step ahead. As a product brokerage company with no manufacturing costs and a one-on-one business model, each business can easily adapt to, and even predict market trends to always be ahead of consumer demand.

Full ownership of the business doesn’t come from a loan, either. Instead, it comes from a shopping annuity, which turns spending and investments you’ve already made into a ready-made stake in your new business. Partnerships with thousands of stores allow spending to go toward an annuity in your own UnFranchise business. There’s no risk of losing everything, and you don’t have to be beholden to anyone. Best of all, UnFranchise business owners can escape the trials and travails of the traditional workplace. So many workers are unable to enjoy their place of employment due to unpleasant office politics, discrimination, and a toxic office culture that works to drain people of their self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.  

Loren Ridinger of Market America
“People are worried about taking two years to invest in themselves,” Loren Ridinger said in a recent talk. “Yet they don’t think twice about working 40 years in a position where you end up broke and no one cares. Stop working for someone else’s success.”

The truth is that the traditional business model, with its horizontal structure, can be incredibly cutthroat, especially for workers who are entering the workforce after a period of unemployment or are working with certain impediments, such as a less-than-firm grasp of English or lack of a college degree. Workplaces that don’t work to create a supportive, mutually beneficial environment can often leave workers out in the cold and help others rise to the top simply because of their natural privileges. Market America wants to change all that. Instead of using a fiercely competitive horizontal structure to pit workers against each other, the UnFranchise business model works to empower employees to do their best, gain financial independence, and live their lives away from the office.

“Never has there been a company that cares more about the success of their owners/partners than Market America,” wrote UnFranchise business owner Tim Hunt on Facebook. “Every tool you need to succeed is made available, whether it’s technology, training, support, [or] motivation.”

Karen Margelofsky couldn’t agree more. She’s gained more than independence through her involvement with the company; she’s gotten her hope for the future back. “Market America has completely transformed my life,” she wrote in a post. “It has returned my ability to dream again, [and] it has given me hope. Everyone I have encountered within the organization has been generous with their wisdom, time, and support. Most importantly, the owners and management team lead with their hearts and not their pocketbooks. This company has taught me how to improve myself, help others, always continue to feed [my] mind, and live life to the fullest, but not at the expense of others or [the] environment.”




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