Alastair Borthwick – Successful Writer and Broadcaster

Alastair Borthwick Author

Alastair Borthwick was a man who was best known for being a successful writer and broadcaster. His book, Always a Little Further, has earned its place in literary history, and will is viewed as a groundbreaking mountaineering story.


Always a Little Further helped to inspire a generation of Scottish people to become enthusiastic about climbing and the mountains. Scotland is filled with beautiful mountains, and Borthwick’s book helped remind the Scottish people of their beauty. This was very helpful for Scottish Society at the time it was published (1939) because there was mass unemployment occurring in the nation.


So, people without jobs found comfort and entertainment by taking to the mountains and enjoying the beauty of nature. Borthwick will long be remembered as a great Scotsman because he helped struggling people to appreciate the simple things in life and to remember that nature is always there, to inspire, bemuse, and provide entertainment.


The mountain climbing movement became so large in Scotland that climbing clubs started forming around the country. The most famous of these clubs was called the Creagh Dhu. Creagh Dhu climbers traversed beautiful mountains in Scotland and slept in caves at night. This was one of the best ways to appreciate all of the beauty of Scotland.


Unlike many of his contemporaries, Borthwick chose to not just focus on the actual climbing in his work, but to hone in on other aspects of climbing adventures, such as the personalities of the people involved, the emotions, and many other elements. To Borthwick, the entire adventure mattered, not just the actual climbing.


Because he was able to aptly capture the essence of the joy of mountain climbing from both a physical and an emotional perspective, Always a Little Further is yet to go out of print. Scotland continues to love and appreciate Borthwick despite the fact that he died in 2003.


Since he was able to leave such a positive impact on the nation, it is very likely that his works will continue to be read my many generations of future Scots. The mountains of Scotland have a very distinct natural beauty, and it seems unlikely that people in the nation will ever tire of reading the work of one of the writers who has best been able to capture the appeal of venturing into them.


Despite the fact that Borthwick was a great writer, his talents were not limited to the written word. Borthwick also enjoyed a very long and successful broadcasting career. However, when World War 2 erupted, Borthwick answered Scotland’s call and served his country with distinction.


He saw a lot of action during the war. Borthwick was part of a Seaforth division which fought in Africa, France, Holland, Italy, and Germany. All in all, his unit travelled over 3,000 miles and participated in some of the most significant battles in the entire war. Borthwick’s service in this war was incredibly courageous and significant. Without men like Alastair Borthwick, fighting in the name of freedom, justice, and human decency, the Nazis would have most likely won the war and conquered the world.


Borthwick served as an intelligence officer, and he was often responsible for the navigation component of his company’s missions. This was extremely difficult work and one mistake from Borthwick could have led his company directly into the hands of the enemy. However, Borthwick proved to be exceptional at this job and was able to help his fellow soldiers to get into the right positions to win battles.


Following his service in World War II, Borthwick was commissioned to write a history of his battalion in the war. The book that he ended up writing was called Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe. This book was a major hit and received outstanding reviews. It is often compared to HBO’s Band of Brothers.


Alastair Borthwick and his family lived a very peaceful life following his difficult war period. He continued to broadcast and write for the rest of his life. Borthwick was a model Scottish citizen, and he is a man who made his country proud. He is a good example for every person who wants to live with integrity, passion, and courage.


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