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Despite the non-stop bustle and the countless masses that traverse New York City streets every day, it can be challenging finding specialized financial talent in the city that never sleeps. I know what your thinking, if you can’t find financial consultants and money managers in the city that is home to the Wall Street and the World Trade Center then you ought not to be looking. And in many ways your right. The employment landscape has been changing over the past couple decades. Truth be told, with global recruiting platform’s like GoBuyside, finding qualified candidates in the Financial Sector is a breeze, in any city.

So, if you, your HR representatives, or your local talent recruiting agency are literally scouring the streets of New York City looking for talent, please stop, it won’t work. Tomorrow’s financial consultants and experts will not be found by such localized efforts. And it makes sense when you think about it. Jobs themselves are changing fundamentally, so why wouldn’t the means of connecting applicants with those jobs change? This article details the tech-centric solutions one company is using to tackle the hiring challenges of 2018. That company is New York City based GoBuyside, an executive search firm that closely tracks job trends within the finance industry and is making waves in the financial talent recruitment space.

One of the trends that GoBuyside has been tracking for some time now is the financial industry’s acceptance of telework, working remotely, or decentralizing positions. One Study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that 24% of employed people did some or all their work at home in 2015. Ah the joy’s of working from home. Employer’s are starting to figure out that a flexible work situation creates for well-rounded, happy employees. Which in turn can increase productivity. It just is not the case that one must be behind their desk at their office to be getting work done. Employer’s that are utilizing employees and independent contractor’s who work remotely are finding greater success with their hiring efforts as they are casting bigger nets. With more applicant’s comes a greater level of selectivity when it comes to choosing the right hire.

GoBuyside thrives on using these locational flexibilities to put together lists of candidates that exceed firm expectations. Sure, GoBuyside is not the only hiring platform to use the power of the internet to find candidates nationwide. What sets GoBuyside apart from the rest is their proprietary screening process that is can be considered a technological alchemist, turning 1’s and 0’s into top-notch hires. By utilizing advanced people aggregating software and algorithms, GoBuyside provides companies with the relevant candidate information that they need. Applicants of the past were curators of the information they wished to give to employers, but with everybody rushing to put their information on social media, the tables have turned. Now, employers get a 360-degree view, in real-time, of the applicants they want to invest precious resources in.

Part-time and project-oriented roles are becoming quite fashionable in the financial industry. GoBuyside uses applicant tracking systems, online job boards, and artificial intelligence to supply the growing demand for short-term hires. Project-oriented roles have unique requirements that demand more applicants that are skilled and knowledgeable in the type of work required for a project. Project-based roles require more hires than a traditional position, but these project-based roles give applicants the elasticity to pursue avenues of their talents and abilities.

Many Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, investment managers, advisory platforms and hedge funds have all found hiring solutions with GoBuyside. The companies GoBuyside services are not the only beneficiaries of this modern aged method of hiring. Applicants are discovering that the platform present’s face-to-face interaction with talent-hungry firms all over the world. By cutting out the traditional middlemen, applicants retain full control over their job hunts. Where GoBuyside really thrives is the wealth of data points that they collect about the entities they work with. Job candidates get an inside look at the actionable data of the firms they apply with. This, again, leads to more intuitive hires.

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One recent testimony from a GoBuyside client reveals expeditiousness rarely seen with hiring agencies. “I created my GoBuyside profile when I was an investment banking analyst and it was instrumental in helping me get my job in private equity. The updates, connection features, reviews and confidential jobs made it easy to recruit while working 90+ hours per week,” said the GoBuyside client. This associate now manages assets worth over 12 billion dollars. Not too shabby.

Co-founder of PayPal and founder of Clarium Capital, Peter Thiel once said, “Today’s best practices lead to dead ends; the best paths are new and untried.” GoBuyside has fully embraced this ideal and continues trail-blazing in the financial hiring sector today.

If you find yourself in New York City consider reaching out to GoBuyside and follow them on Twitter from anywhere in the world.


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