Shutting the Government Down Is Grounds for Firing the President According to a 2013 Version of Donald Trump


Republican Senator Bob Corker thinks President Trump’s move to shut down the government because two talk show hosts called him a wimp if he didn’t, is pure juvenile behavior. Corker said it might even be tyranny. Mr. Trump’s critics say sending 400,000 government workers home for the holidays not knowing when their next paycheck will come is a political move to show his supporters he means business in Washington.

But the kind of business Trump has in mind sent the stock market into bear territory, and it has security officials wondering who is going to check Trump when his itchy tweeting thumbs want to push one of those nuclear missile buttons. Trump presidency has all the earmarks of the chaos and bedlam that usually happens in countries like Venezuela and North Korea, according to several news reports.

Pulling the troops out of Syria while Isis tries to win back part of the city, put Mr. Trump in a presidential league of his own. Making that decision without consulting his advisors was a move to take the Mueller heat off of Trump’s neck, according to Trump’s political foes. Mr. Trump knows 2019 won’t be another cakewalk through Washington’s political La-La Land. He knows the Democrats will hammer him like to the nationalistic nail he is so he has to create enough turmoil to keep his voter base happy. Shutting down the government is an excellent way for Trump to show his voters he’s a true Washington outsider who is sticking it to “the system” his voters loath.

In 2013, Trump told Fox News shutting down the government is a fireable offense. He wasn’t president back then. But he used that message to slam Obama for shutting down the government when the Republican Congress wanted to defund the Affordable Care Act. When the Fox reporter asked Trump who gets fired when the government shuts down, Mr. Trump said the person at the top burdens the responsibility for the shutdown. He said it’s up to the president to lead, and Obama didn’t know how to lead. Trump called Obama’s decision to shut down the government embarrassing, and a horrible situation.

Now that he’s the president, Trump changed his tune about firing the man at the top. Trump claims it’s the Democrats fault even though he told a national television audience he’s proud to make that call. Flip-flopping is one of Trump’s strong suits and he uses it to keep his political feet safe from the brewing legal firestorm he calls a witch hunt.


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