Surprise Layaway Payments Made by Kid Rock


Most people know Kid Rock for his music. He recently showed his caring side when he went to a Walmart in Nashville to pay off several layaway accounts totaling $81,000. At least 350 accounts were paid in full by the musician. Tom Meyer is the store manager and is thankful to Kid Rock for showing that he cares about the community and that he wants to help others during the holiday season. It was a blessing to those who received a message that their layaway accounts had been paid as well.

Kid Rock made a post about what he did and why he did it shortly after paying the accounts. He saw that Tyler Perry did something similar at another Walmart, so Kid Rock wanted to share in the joy of helping others. The store manager received a call early Friday morning from Kid Rock before he dropped off the money for the accounts. Tom Meyer met with the musician when he arrived, thanking him in person for his generosity. Once the accounts were paid and pulled up in the system, phone calls, emails, and text messages were made to let customers know that they could pick up their items from the store without worrying about paying for them.

Many of the items that were in the layaway department were Christmas gifts that parents, grandparents, and others put aside until they could make the final payment on them. The customers who had their accounts paid for entered the store with smiles, some with surprised expressions as they didn’t expect that someone would be so thoughtful. Tyler Perry and Kid Rock also paid off accounts at another Walmart in the area. Both stars only wanted to spread a little cheer for people so that they could enjoy the holiday with their family and friends.


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