Trump Needs a New Chief of Staff and Jared Kushner Wants the Job


The angel of nepotism floats around the White House every time Ivanka and Jared Kushner get involved in one of Trump domestic or foreign policy schemes. Trump doesn’t trust people in Washington. But Ivanka and Jared are two of the people Trump puts his trust in when the domestic and international political pots boil over.

Trump gave Ivanka and Kushner cushy White House titles so they could hang around and treat his battered ego when he takes blows from Mueller’s investigating cannon. Ivanka is Trump’s favorite nepotistic child, but Jared gained a lot of nepotistic points when he got up close and personal with Saudi Arabia’s young crown prince.

Kushner and Crown Prince Mohammed became besties during Kushner’s attempt to bring peace to the Middle East. Kushner wanted the prince to help him make a political name for himself, but the prince had other plans. And Kushner unknowingly played a role in that plan. Some intelligence reports say Prince Mohammed played Kushner like a Stradivarius in order to play up to Trump and to soften the blow when the news broke about his involvement in a senseless assassination.

Trying to bring peace to the Middle East is like trying to mate an alligator with a frog, according to the people who tried to make the Jews and the Palestinians play nice. So Kushner’s attempt to stop years of hatred and killing didn’t work.

According to some news reports, Ivanka and Jared played an important role in getting Chief of Staff John Kelly to resign. Kelly thought they needed to go back to New York and leave the grownups handle world affairs. But just like a good daddy who wants the best for his kids, Trump distanced himself from Kelly. In fact, he went around Kelly. He used Nick Ayers to handle some of his internal requests. Ayers is Mike Pence’s chief of staff. Ayers was Trump’s first pick to replace Kelly. But according to the Washington Post, Ayers may have some nasty ghosts in his consulting business closet, so he’s heading back to Georgia to get out of the line of fire.

Ayers rejected Trump’s job offer, but Ivanka and Jared came to daddy’s rescue. Jared told the president he wants the chief of staff job. According to Mr. Trump, five people are in line waiting for his decision. But the word on Capitol Hill is no one is fool enough to take the job. But it looks like Jared Kushner didn’t get that memo.


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