Genucel and Women Aware Walking Toward Self-Esteem


One of the most common occurrences after experiencing abuse is lowered self-esteem, self-worth, and violence toward the self. Important to point out is that violence toward the self is not always physical – it includes thoughts against the self among self-harm. For those who experience lowered self-esteem and self-harm after suffering abuse, one of the best ways to overcome these post-abuse symptoms is to find tangible self-care methods that amplify personal worth.

Survivors and the mental health professionals who help them recommend different self-care routines for the best physical and emotional health after experiencing systemic abuse. These often include self-affirmations, such as reminding themselves they are worthy, loved, and beautiful. Although many survivors don’t believe their affirmations at first, studies have shown that continued affirmations after experiencing physical or emotional trauma can change a person’s outlook on themselves.

Channeling negative energy into creative expressions, through dance or art, has also shown to be an effective self-care routine. Finally, a focus on keeping the body healthy – through proper hygiene routines and exercise, can also help increase victims’ self-worth.

Sometimes, refocusing on the self through wellness and body positivity is one of the most essential steps for abuse survivors. It re-frames the narrative that their abusers have created for them and allowing them to re-create themselves. Genucel, a subsidiary of Chamonix, has shown their support for women and children who have experienced abuse in the past by providing Women Aware with “beauty bags” – bags which included toiletries and Genucel products.

Effective Community Support

Women Aware is a nonprofit organization based in Middlesex, New Jersey which supports the battered families of this area. In the United States alone, nearly one in seven men have experienced domestic abuse, and as many as 25% of women have experienced domestic abuse. New Jersey has one of the most significant rates of domestic violence in the nation.

In the state, an act of domestic violence happens almost every 7 minutes. Although people of all genders experience physical and emotional abuse from domestic partners, women experience it at a much higher rate – which makes the need for women-specific care for domestic violence that much more significant.

Organizer supports runners participating in race.

Women Aware has been around since 1981, providing food, shelter, and recovery program for New Jersey women and their families. Middlesex County residents who experience physical or emotional spousal abuse have access to emergency shelter, abuse recovery education programs, and hotlines if they feel as though they are in distress.

This past year, the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk made its community debut. This walk and 5k showed community-wide support for those who have experienced abuse as well as raising funds for the services provided by women aware.

Walking, as well as other forms of physical activity, are one self-care programs that many survivors of abuse turn to, so being able to do this among supporters can make all the difference. But the benefits of walks extend beyond community-wide support, which is why so many mental health professionals recommend it. Many survivors experience depression, anxiety, and PTSD after experiencing abuse.

The physical activity alone has been known to ease the symptoms of these chronic mental illnesses, but some have taken walking even further. Ecotherapy is now standard therapy for survivors of abuse and allows survivors to come together in groups and go on walks, identify native plants, learn about the ecosystem, and be in nature.

In addition to redirecting daily thoughts and helping them learn more about their environment, studies have shown that being outside and surrounded by nature, as well as walking, have extremely beneficial impacts on mental illnesses.

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Walking also works as an antioxidant therapy, which can help boost the self-worth and self-esteem of those with low self-esteem, and especially those who have experienced abuse in the past. Walking has a visual impact on the skin and body. As well as keeping the body fit and healthy, which increases self-esteem, it enhances circulation and improves the appearance of the skin. Studies show that walking even 30 minutes a day can drastically improve the quality of the skin over time, which can lead to increased self-esteem.

As well as contributing monetarily to the new 5k and walk, Genucel continues to contribute grab bags that include their anti-aging products to the women housed at women aware. Working with women, Genucel understands that there is more to a person than just their looks.

After continued support of the services provided by Women Aware, Genucel has come to realize that feeling confident is often a significant subset of the healing process. In combination with continued therapy and self-care, donated Genucel products are making a difference in the self-esteem of women impacted by domestic abuse.

Genucel and Their Ongoing Contributions

Genucel’s four-step products work with damaged and aged skin to reduce the appearance of age-related wrinkles. Domestic abuse can take a toll on the age and elasticity of the skin. Sleeplessness and depression, often caused by mental abuse, causes dark circles under the eyes and can often increase wrinkles. On top of this, many who experience mental abuse also suffer physical abuse, which takes its toll on the skin and a person’s appearance.

Woman participates in the 2018 Moving Beyond Abuse 5k sponsored by Chamonix’s Genucel.

Genucel’s patented PhotoCellTec technology is made from the Malus Domestica plant and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and divots caused in the skin – things which are often heightened by abuse. By reducing the appearance of abuse-related skin issues, Genucel is not only helping survivors with their self-esteem but helping them erase physical reminders of their painful past experiences.

Together with Women Aware, Genucel hopes to help increase the self-esteem of women everywhere.
Women Aware is available at (732) 249-4900 or visit The domestic hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached at (732)249-4504. If you live in New Jersey and have experienced or know of someone who is experiencing domestic abuse, please reach out to this organization.

Genucel products are available in 60-day packages which reduce the appearance of aging, fine lines, and undereye puffiness. Their plant stem cell technology has been tested and individual results vary. To learn more about Genucel, visit

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