Some Government Workers Still Looking For Money


The government shutdown is now over. However, many federal workers are still waiting on their back pay that President Trump promised that they would receive. Lila Johnson is only one of the workers who went back to work soon after the shutdown ended. She cleans bathrooms in a government office and is considered a contractor, which means that her back pay won’t be received as quickly as those who are in other government positions. Since she is a contractor, there’s a possibility that she won’t receive any of the pay that she missed during the shutdown.

Along with many other workers who likely won’t see any of the pay that they missed, Lila asked Congress to create some kind of legislation that would allow them to get paid. These are workers who often aren’t paid enough for the work that they do as they have jobs in offices and government buildings cleaning and making sure others are directed to where they need to go in the buildings. Some of these workers are the only people working in their families. They are grandparents. They commute long distances to get to work and worked while the government was shut down without getting paid.

Even though President Trump made sure that many federal employees would receive the pay that they missed, the paperwork didn’t include contractors. A bill has been introduced in the Senate that will allow these workers to get paid, but there is no timeline as to when this might take place. The number of federal contractors hasn’t been released, but some believe that there could be millions of people who work every day who now might not get paid because the government was shut down for over 30 days. Most of the contractors have wages that are on the bottom rung of the financial ladder and rely on their paychecks to survive.


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