Here’s What Happened to This Indiana School Superintendent – Did She Really Deserve Three Felonies?


It’s no secret that the healthcare system of the United States is broken. Although the quality of services rendered by physicians and other practitioners is generally high, the cost of such services is so disproportionately high that medical debt is one of the greatest loads on indebted Americans’ backs.

Individuals of low-income households are significantly less likely to seek healthcare services for physical and mental health issues due to their outrageously high costs.

Headlines of news media publications across the United States have largely included mentions of Casey Smitherman, the public school superintendent from the small town of Elwood, Indiana.

Who Is Casey Smitherman and What Did She Do to Deserve Such Widespread Attention Out of Nowhere?

Smitherman, a longtime public school teacher and administrator, was recently charged with three felonies and one misdemeanor: insurance fraud, insurance application fraud, identity deception, and official misconduct, respectively.

Why Did She Receive Such an Outrageous Punishment? Did She Rob a Bank?

Although it might seem as if Ms. Casey Smitherman did something outrageous or committed a heinous crime that had no reasonable justification, all she did was try to get one of her students treated at a local hospital for an illness that had persisted for several days.

In speaking with several news publications, Smitherman shared that she heard one of her school system’s students, a 15-year-old boy, had missed school for several days due to catching a bout of strep throat.

Unlike common sore throats, strep throats are caused by nasty bacterial infections and are associated with moderate to severe pain. Further, they can persist for weeks if not treated promptly.

This is why Ms. Smitherman decided to roll the proverbial dice and commit insurance fraud to seek treatment for the student.

Here’s How This Situation Played Out

Over two weeks ago, on Jan. 9, Elwood school superintendent Smitherman went to the student’s home and took him to a local hospital.

Since the boy didn’t have insurance or enough cash to cover the visit, the first provider they visited turned him down.

Smitherman and the 15-year-old then went to another local healthcare provider. This time, however, Smitherman claimed the ill student was her son. Fortunately for his health and well-being, he was treated with a steroid shot and given a prescription of antibiotics.

The services rendered by the healthcare provider totaled $233. It’s unclear if she will be able to keep her position as school superintendent.


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