Los Angeles Teachers’ Strikes Continue


Even though educators literally are responsible for the upbringing of future generations, public school teachers are paid objectively slim wages and salaries for their service. Collectively recognizing that they deserve higher pay, teachers’ strikes have been held throughout the United States over the past few years in various cities and states. Strikes are also held in an attempt to reduce unfavorable pedagogical conditions, including grossly disproportionate student-to-teacher ratios.

In other words, public school educators simply want to be valued. Right now, teachers across the city of Los Angeles, California, feel like their respective school districts don’t care about their welfare despite having such tough jobs.

Every day this week, teachers from across Los Angeles and their supporters have joined forces to stage protests as part of a strike against the school districts that employ them. Upwards of 30,000 educators and supporters have been present at the moving picket lines.

On the third day of the strike, which took place on Wednesday, January 16, students from around Los Angeles even joined teachers to protest the current flaws across most of Los Angeles’ school districts.

Even though school isn’t in session, school districts are losing tons of money

Across the state of California, school districts are given funding based on how many students attend school each day. Due to the fact that the vast majority of students have not shown up at all this week, affected school districts are effectively losing millions of dollars each and every day.

Juxtapose this with the fact that the teachers are on strike because they feel school districts should be handed down much greater funding.


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