President Donald Trump Says State Of The Union Address On Hold For Time Being


United States President Donald Trump informed the American Public via a late Wednesday night Tweet he will not deliver a State of the Union Address until a solution is reached regarding the government shutdown.

The State of the Union Address is an annual speech given by U.S. presidents to inform the American people of the next year’s policy goals. It is beginning to appear this year’s address could be held hostage by the ongoing partial government shutdown for quite some time.

Trump was highly critical of Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi for not honoring her previous invitation to him to deliver the address in the House Chamber. The president feels the actions of Pelosi are in bad taste.

Pelosi said her decision not to deliver the address is in response to a government shutdown that has negatively affected 800,000 employees of the federal government.

Trump says it is the prerogative of Pelosi not to allow the address to be delivered in the House Chamber. He promised the American people they would hear from him as soon as the shutdown is over. The president says he could search for an alternative venue of the State of the Union address but will not do so. He says the House Chamber is filled with too much history and tradition to hold the address in another location.

The current situation began earlier Wednesday when Pelosi barred the president from delivering the address in the House Chamber until the shutdown is finished. President Trump called the move made by Pelosi disgraceful.

Many in Washington fear the current clash between Pelosi and the president will serve to deepen the gulf between the president and Congress that has made it difficult to end the shutdown. Pelosi says she will consider no compromise that would allow President Trump the use of the House chamber to deliver the address.

In a letter penned by Pelosi to the president, she told him she looks forward to receiving him for the address once the shutdown is finished.

Several Democratic colleagues of Pelosi gave their public support of Pelosi’s decision to uninvite the president to the House Chamber.

Jamie Raskin is a Representative from Maryland who says the president’s presence is not wanted in the Chamber. Raskin explains that it is Congress’s responsibility to make laws while the president is responsible for assuring those laws are properly executed. It is the opinion of Raskin the president has not fulfilled his obligation.


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