Rudy Giuliani Continues to Confuse Bother and Bewilder When He Talks About Trump


If there was any doubt that Rudy Giuliani isn’t playing with a full legal deck, it’s gone now. Rudy changes his stories faster than the Kardashian change their appearance. On the Sunday talks shows, Giuliani said he was 100 percent certain Trump didn’t ask Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about perusing a hotel deal with Russia. Rudy said there was no evidence that Trump put pressure on Cohen to lie.

Several days before his Sunday performance, Rudy told the press someone in the Trump Organization may have colluded with the Russians, but it wasn’t the president. He said he didn’t know everyone who took part in the campaign. Then, the New York Times published an article that said Trump did pursue a deal with Russia for a hotel, and he continued to negotiate with the Russians until he won the election in November 2016. The Times based their article on comments made by Rudy Giuliani.

Mr. Trump tried to drop the economic sanctions against Russia while he campaigned. Trump had a motive to end those sanctions. The motive according to several sources, was financing for his new Moscow hotel. Mr. Trump couldn’t get financing to build A Trump Tower Moscow from a Russian bank if the sanction were still in place.

At the same time, Trump bashed NATO, and he threatened to withdraw from the group if he won the elections. Putin knew withdrawing from NATO would put an end to the group he despised. During the campaign, Trump asked Russia to release Clinton’s emails. The day after he made that request the email’s hacked from Clinton’s campaign manager surfaced.

The day after Rudy made those comments on national television, Giuliani reversed courses again. He said Trump can’t remember if negotiations to build a hotel in Russia lasted through the campaign. Giuliani said there is no way to tell if negotiations continued while Trump campaigned because there’s no record of the negotiations.

Giuliani said his previous comments about the talks with Russia continuing through November 2016 were hypothetical. He said he didn’t actually talk to the president about the situation. Rudy latest statement is the negotiations with Russia only amounted to a non-binding letter of intent. Trump still denies he worked with the Russians. But according to some Democrats, Rudy makes it hard to believe Trump didn’t use the Russians to win the election and build a hotel at the same time.


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