The Trump Organization Wanted to Build the Largest Building in Europe in Moscow and Putin Was All for It


Trying to sift through all the new stories about the Trump Organization’s interactions with Russian operatives can drive anyone up a wall. The Trump’s started the Trump Tower Moscow project in 2008. Ivanka was in charge of interior design and putting the finishing touches on her branded spa in that swanky building. A Russian developer had Architectural plans and renderings from the Trump organization before Michael Cohen went to Moscow. The idea of building a 1,500 ft-plus building was an idea one Russian real estate developer couldn’t turn down. Trump Tower Moscow would be the tallest building in Europe.

The Trump’s made several trips to Moscow before Trump got in campaign mode. Michael Cohen picked up the slack and had numerous conversations with Russians who have access to Putin. According to a article, Putin liked the idea of having the tallest building in Europe in Moscow. When Putin found out about Trump’s campaign, he developed a plan to get even with Hillary Clinton. Clinton orchestrated sanctions against Russia when she was secretary of state.

Putin already had a plan to interfere with Hillary’s campaign. But now that Trump was in the race, the Russians pushed Trump to drop the sanctions one he got elected so the developer who teamed up with Trump could borrow money for the Moscow project. Putin didn’t sit down with the Trump and come up with a plan to win the election. But he knew Trump would use the information the Russians hacked from the DNC and John Podesta to hurt Clinton.

During the campaign, several Trump campaign officials had meetings, shared emails and talked with the Russians. According to unnamed sources, some of those meetings were about lifting sanctions once Trump got elected. Mueller found out about those meetings early in his investigation. When the Mueller team questioned George Papadopoulos, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn they all lied about their interactions with the Russians. They tried to cover up talking about lifting sanctions against Russia while the campaign was in progress. They violated the Logan Act by trying to put a deal together before they had the legal okay to do that.

Mr. Trump continues to claim there was no collusion, but according to several lawyers, the cover-up is the alleged criminal conspiracy to collude with Russia. Those lawyers and Senator Adam Schiff believe putting all these cover-ups together may produce the collusion that some Democrats think may still be going on.


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