Trumps Presidential Speech Contained a Lot of Thunder but No Rain


The government shutdown is about to get ugly for millions of Americans. It’s not just government employees that feel the temper tantrum pain. Millions of taxpayers might have to wait for their income tax return money even though Trump said the IRS will issue refunds in a timely manner. Airline workers feel the pressure of the shutdown. The lack of air traffic controllers and TSA agents is a recipe for long security checkpoints lines, and flight delays, according to several news reports. And the people who do business with the government agencies impacted by the shutdown are collateral damage as well.

The White House knows Trump, the ultimate dealmaker, made a rookie mistake by drawing a line in the border wall sand. Asking for more than $5 billion to build a wall along the southern border of the United States even though Congress approved more than $1.6 billion for border security is all about Trump’s image, not border security, according to the Washington Post.

Security experts say building a wall won’t solve the immigration problem. And it won’t stop drugs from entering the United States. Most of the illegal drugs come into the country through legal points of entry. Plus, the amount of immigrants that come across the border is way down. Thirty-one thousand immigrants entered the U.S. in 2018. During the Obama administration, 41,000 people entered the U.S. from the southern border.

But those statistics don’t matter, according to Mr. Trump. What does matter is the approval of his voter base. But in the process of weaving tales and spewing lies, he didn’t add any substance that could help the shutdown negotiations. What he did do was change the wording and the phrases he used to make his case about a steel wall. He called southern border a humanitarian crisis and a crisis of the soul. But according to some his Republican cronies, his speech left them between a rock and a hard place.

The Democrats threw their two cents in the shutdown pot, but Pelosi and Schumer don’t have that the kind of talent Trump has in front of the cameras. The reigning prince and princess of Congress looked like a couple of deer frozen in the headlights, but they made their liberal-minded points, anyway.

Some Democrats thought Trump would use the “state of emergency” card during his speech. But several Republican Senators thought that was a really bad idea. If the president uses that tactic, the Democrats could use it when they take over the White House when they hit a political snag in a Republican-controlled Congress.


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