Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 Plea Deal Subject to New Investigation


Jeffrey Epstein is a wealthy financier who is best known in the world of finance as a former high-ranking employee of Bear Stearns and the eventual founder of J. Epstein & Co., a financial services firm that has been in operation since it was founded in 1982.

Epstein is more widely known for his involvement in soliciting the services of underage female prostitutes for both himself and countless high-ranking members of political office, socialites, business bigwigs, and other important figures over the past two decades.

Back in 2008, Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced on one charge of soliciting prostitution from a minor. The state of Florida handed him down a sentence of just 18 months in prison. However, unlike every other prisoner in Florida’s state corrections system, he was housed by himself in a wing of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department Stockade, a prison that holds roughly 1,000 people, all by himself.

Further, he was granted the ability to leave his private wing of the prison six days a week for a maximum of 12 hours each day. Epstein was granted this right in the name of work release in his office found in downtown Palm Beach County.

After he served only 13 months in prison without having to even think about spending time around other inmates, he was released from prison and given a year’s worth of probation.

Probationers across the United States are not allowed to leave the states they were charged in unless they seek approval from their probation officers first. However, Jeffrey Epstein was able to take tips on his private jet to New York, the United States Virgin Islands, and elsewhere across the United States.

Arguably the worst punishment he was given was the label of a registered sex offender. In New York, for example, he is classified as a sex offender who has a high risk of reoffending.

Just yesterday, the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility officially opened up a case into the granting of Epstein’s generous plea bargain by one of Florida’s most prominent prosecutors, Alexander Acosta, who currently works for President Donald Trump as his Secretary of Labor.

Further, the plea deal allowed Epstein’s co-conspirators to be granted immunity, preventing any of his high-ranking, bigwig friends whom he arranged underage prostitution services for at his private residence over the years.

Many believe that Acosta will face punishment by the time the investigation is over.


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