Mitch McConnell Isn’t Sure If Trump’s Emergency Call Is Legal


The House didn’t waste any time calling Trump’s state of an emergency a con job by the president. The House vote to stop Mr. Trump’s national emergency was 245 votes to block and 182 votes not to block. It’s obvious. Republican Congressmen don’t want to go against the president even though there is overwhelming evidence that the emergency is another Trump unconstitutional trick to get what he wants regardless of the cost.

The bill to stop this fake emergency is in the Senate’s hands now. There may enough Republican senators to throw the emergency declaration back in the president’s lap. The Democrats need at least four Republicans to vote with them so they can stop Trump’s border insaneness. And it looks like that may happen.

Mr. Trump promised to veto the bill before he got on Air Force One to play another con game with North Korea’s leader Kim Jon Un. Trump knows Kim won’t give up his nuclear weapons. He knew that before he left Washington. So his new game plan is to make Mr. Kim stop testing his arsenal of long-range nuclear missiles. If Kim agrees to do that, Mr. Trump will call the summit a victory. And if Kim agrees to send the remains of the American soldiers’ home after the Korean War, the president will claim his pal Kim is a great, but misunderstood guy with bad genes.

The CIA believes Kim will say anything to get U.S. sanctions lifted. Trump will dangle that carrot in front of Kim. But Kim knows how to play Mr. Trump. Kim had several meetings with China’s President Xi before the second summit, so he knows what to say so Trump looks like an international hero.

While Trump is looking for investment properties in Hanoi and playing world peacemaker, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell wants to distance himself from upcoming Senate vote to stop the emergency declaration. According to The Hill, McConnell doesn’t know if Trump’s emergency is legal. Even though McConnell has a law degree, he says he’s not an expert in constitutional law. McConnell had a meeting with the Department of Justice recently to prove he forgot what he learned in law school. But most Washington Insiders know Mitch is up for reelection in 2020, and he doesn’t want to upset his loyal voter base. The Democrats know they won’t get much help from McConnell. He wants to survive when the Trump era goes up in flames.


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