National Intelligence Director Dan Coats May Be On Trump’s Chopping Block


According to former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Trump demands loyalty from his administration officials. The slightest hint that one of his cabinet members is not onboard with his agenda is usually the kiss of employment death in Trump’s world. John Kelly, Jeff Sessions, James Comey, and others got on Trump’s bad side and it didn’t take the president long to get rid of them. Sessions had to go. Trump thought Sessions was a dumb Southerner who recused himself from the Russian investigation.

Ex-Chief of Staff John Kelly got the ax for telling Trump the truth while Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner backstabbed him every chance he got. James Comey was a threat to Mr. Trump. Trump didn’t want Comey sticking his nose into his business dealings with Russia. Mr. Trump knew Comey would expose his interaction with the Russians during the 2016 campaign. Other members of Trump’s team left before Trump could fire them.

Trump made firing fun when he was the Celebrity Apprentice enforcer on TV. And Trump brought his TV role to the White House, according to the Washington Post. According to White House aides who want to stay out of Trump’s line of fire, Dan Coats the director of National Intelligence could be Trump’s next firing victim. Mr. Coats crossed the line when he told Congress North Korea won’t give up their nuclear missile development program. Coats also told Congress Isis is still a threat even though Mr. Trump said Isis is toast in Syria.

The president went into one of his hissy fits when Coats, Gina Haspel, and Christopher Wray the directors of the CIA and FBI contradicted his statements. Trump made it sound like the three directors didn’t know the facts. But the damage from the riff still haunts Trump.

Some White House officials said the president is not happy with Coats, Haspel, and Wray, but Trump won’t fire them. Other insiders say Trump wants to fire Coats, but now may not be the best time. But Mr. Trump did talk to the people he still considers loyal about replacing Coats.

McCabe’s new book highlights Trump’s leadership style but not in a positive way. Anyone who disagrees with Trump gets the ax, according to cabinets members who felt the heat from Trump’s wrath. Trump only listens to people who pledge complete loyalty. But at this point in his presidency, anyone is fair game. It’s what Trump likes to do, according to his kids.


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