President Trump’s Physicians Says That He Is In Good Health


Dr. Sean Conley’s is President Trump’s personal physician. He gave the president a physical exam at the Walter Reed military hospital on Friday. Dr. Conley stated that the president is in good health. He also stated that he expects President Trump to be in good health for the rest of his presidency.

Dr. Conley gave the president a four-hour exam. The exam did not require any anesthesia and sedation. Dr. Ronny Jackson was the physician who gave President Trump an exam last year. He also said that the president was in good health. He jokingly said that the president may live to be 200-years-old.

Dr. Ronny Jackson recommended that President Trump make changes to his diet and exercise plan. However, he has not made any major changes to his diet or exercise regimen. Dr. Conley did not give any specific details about President Trump’s condition. He also did not give a list of procedures that he performed.

Last year, Dr. Ronny Jackson said that Donald Trump had high cholesterol. He had a perfect score on the cognitive exam. This was a test that the president requested himself. Ronny said he is not worried about the president’s cognitive abilities. He also said that he has gotten to know the president really well.

In December 2015, President Trump released a letter that was written by Dr. Harold Bornstein, who is his former physician. He said that President Trump is going to be the healthiest president to ever be elected. Last year, President Trump’s body guard stated that someone raided the office and took the president’s medical records.

However, Sarah Sanders, who is the press secretary, said that this story is not true. She said that no raid took place. She also said that what happened in the office was a standard operating procedure.


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