Agera Energy is Dedicated to Efficiency and Sustainability


Agera Energy is a competitive energy supplier that specializes in natural gas, electric, and green energy. Due to many states having strict energy regulations, Agera has sprouted up only in states with deregulation laws in place. However, in the states that Agera has been able to enter, their effect has been great for home and business owners alike. Agera competes to provide the most cost efficient energy to its customers, as a way of winning out over the traditional energy suppliers. Agera Energy was created in 2014, after the purchase of a large energy supplier. In the last five years, Agera has grown by an estimated 600,000 RCE’s (Residential Customer Equivalents). Just like its name, meaning To Take Action, Agera Energy has been tackling the competitive energy market ever since.


As a competitor to traditional energy suppliers, Agera Energy’s goal is to provide the lowest price to its clients, while keeping them loyal to the company with attentive, world class customer service. Building their energy saving philosophy around the intense energy needs of business owners, Agera’s energy plans overall are designed to reduce energy costs in a company’s overhead. Due to the large amounts of energy that often businesses require to operate, switching to Agera Energy can have large effects on savings. This strict adherence to reducing cost in business structures results in an efficiency in reducing costs in all of Agera’s energy plans, including those for homeowners.


Once connected, Agera assigns new customers an Agera representative to meet with the client, assess their energy needs, and provide as much friendly support as possible. After the assessment, the representative will design an energy plan best suited for the client’s energy needs. This way, clients are getting a customizable plan for their lifestyle or business, as well as a friendly face to communicated directly with.


Along with a personal representative to consult with, home and business owners also have access to a complimentary Utility Recovery if they ever feel a utility bill is inaccurate or mishandled. This puts power back into the hands of average citizens so they can feel in control over their bill and energy use.


Another way that Agera empowers its customers in their energy choice is through offering green energy alternatives, like their Pure Wind program. This program is offered to both homes and businesses. Agera’s wind energy program is dedicated to matching 50 to 100% of a customer’s rec’s with nationally sourced wind farm energy. With this green energy alternative, Agera can help homeowners and businesses live more ethically, while also saving money.


Along with Pure Wind, Agera also offers to retrofit LED lighting in homes and businesses as a way to reduce energy waste and achieve the most optimal energy supply possible. LED lights use 20% less energy to light the same space as regular bulbs, while averaging a lifespan of five to eight years. This creates a long term energy benefit for homes and businesses by reducing the amount of energy used at a time, and lessening the need to replace the bulbs. Through the LED retrofit program, Agera will cover all up front costs and then simply work in the costs with the client’s energy bill every month, creating an affordable, convenient means of payment. Once signed up for the LED program, an Agera representative will come out to the client’s space and assess their LED lighting needs.

To sign up for Agera Energy, one must first check if Agera operates in their state, and then their zip code. This can be done on the Agera Energy website by simply entering one’s zip code on the front page. Currently, Agera’s competitive natural gas and electricity plans are only available in 13 states: California, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Illinois, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, and Texas. Only electricity is available through Agera in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, and Texas.


As an alternative to the monopolized and traditional energy providers in the United States, Agera Energy challenges the idea that energy costs have to be high, inflexible, and uncontrollable. They compete to offer the lowest, best suited energy options for their customers. This dedication to the customer signifies a company that is in it for the long haul.



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