Apple Acquires Eight Big-Name Patents


As you already know, the tech giants of Silicon Valley are worth many billions of dollars. One of their most common types of assets is the patent. For example, Amazon owns thousands of patents for things like drones that operate themselves that could be used to deliver packages autonomously. Many other patents are for technologies that don’t exist right now but will likely exist in the relatively near future.

Apple’s most recent patent pickup comes from the now-defunct security tech company Lighthouse, a deal that just recently came to light via the United States Patent and Trademark Office but was consummated in the final few weeks of 2018.

Lighthouse’s main product offering was a line of security cameras that could be accessed via the World Wide Web from anywhere in the world. The company, led by now-former chief executive officer Alexander Teichman, failed to penetrate the smart security camera market deep enough in the first few years of its life. Nest and Ring were the two largest competitors of Lighthouse, though the company was also smaller than fellow smart security camera manufacturers Wyze and Arlo.

Lighthouse, also known as Lighthouse AI, had narrowed its efforts down to building technology that is capable of sensing three-dimensional objects and utilizing augmented reality. The company pursued such a strategy because Lighthouse executives claimed that users could benefit from deeper, more thorough examinations of their interactions with their security systems as they were supposed to generate quality insights for users to learn from. This technology was slated to be available via its official iOS mobile phone application.

Teichman is listed as the creator of all of the patents that Apple picked up back in December 2018. One of them, United States Patent Number 9,396,400, is titled “Computer-vision based security system using a depth camera.” Most of the other patents were also related to cameras intended to be used in a residential capacity.

It is currently not known what Apple plans on doing with the patents. The tech giant could very well end up never using them, an inherent part of hoarding tech patents like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple.

No financial figures regarding the deal have since been disclosed. Such news is unlikely to ever break.


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