Injuries And Deaths Abound In Alabama After Tornadoes Strike


Strong tornadoes ravaged areas of Alabama on Sunday afternoon. At the last count, 23 people died because of the storms with dozens more injured. Beauregard was an area that was the worst hit by the tornadoes. For many families, their homes were completely destroyed with debris scattered as far as 1,000 yards from the property site. Initial reports reveal that there were two different tornadoes. One person who died was a 6-year-old little boy from Lee County.

Doctors at a medical center in Opelika treated at least 40 patients on Sunday afternoon after the storms passed. There was not an exact number of patients who were being seen at other hospitals across the areas impacted by the storms. An emergency has been declared across the state so that the proper assistance and funds can be received. Because of the debris littering the roads, some victims had to ride on large trucks to get to hospitals since ambulances were unable to reach them.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been in contact with officials in Alabama and is sending officials on Monday to determine the exact assistance that is needed at the time. Officials will search homes that have been destroyed along with vehicles and buildings to try to find people who are missing. President Trump has directed FEMA officials to do whatever is necessary to help those in Alabama. Unfortunately, the 6-year-old was not the only child killed during the tornadoes. Over the course of the coming days, the number of those killed is expected to increase. Officials are using drones that have devices that can detect heat to search areas where people are unable to reach. The path of the tornado was at least one mile long. Early estimates are that one of the tornadoes was half a mile wide.


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