Trump’s Famous You’re Fired Line Won’t Work On Fed Chair Jerome Powell


President Trump is happy with his presidential performance. He claims victory even when the victory isn’t his. Trump believes he always comes out on top when he’s in a trade war or when the Democrats in Congress shut him down. But Trump always finds a way to brag about the great job he does while he picks people and institutions apart on Twitter.

When Congress tried to bring Trump to his senses by putting a realistic budget on the table for him to sign, he went into defense mode and called his border wall fantasy a national emergency. The Republicans know Mr. Trump’s state of emergency will hurt their reelection dreams in 2020, so they want to raid all the government piggy banks in order to avert the emergency call on the Southern border. The Republicans will vote on the bill to overturn Trump’s veto this week, and it looks like enough Republicans will vote to overturn his veto.

But the president will have the last word in that fight. He plans to use Pentagon money to build some kind of structure on the border. He even plans to add an additional $8.6 billion to his new 2020 budget to get the wall built. House Speaker Pelosi and Senate minority speaker Chuck Schumer said that budget will not pass when the House votes on the bill.

Trump would love to fire Pelosi and Schumer if he could, according to Washington insiders. Mr. Trump has a long list of people on his “You’re fired” list. One of the people on the top of that list is Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell. Powell made Trump spit fire last year when he raised interest rates four times. The Trumpster took those interest rates hikes personally. The president thought Powell was a dedicated Trumpian because he was the one who put Powell in that position. But that’s not the way things work at the Federal Reserve.

The president blames Powell for the current economic slowdown. He refuses to take the blame for slowing down economic growth. And his decision to close the government and wage a trade war with China. Plus, he refuses to recognize his cold-blooded treatment of the EU and other American allies.

Mr. Powell may be a Trump target, but the Fed chair said he’s has firing immunity. Trump put him in that position for four years in 2016, and Powell expects to serve every minute of that appointment.


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